thread of idols, staff, choreographers and celebrities in general praising jongin, naming him their role model and/or calling him (one of) the best dancer(s) in the industry
when asked about the dancer she acknowledges BOA answered with EXO‘s Kai, saying that "just because you work hard to dance doesn't mean you dance well. I think he has really good control over the power of the moves between soft and strong"
After School‘s Kahi praising Kai several times, saying that he‘s the number one in her ranking
KARA‘s Nicole saying that Kai has caught her eye
Miss A picking Kai as the best idol dancer
T-ARA‘s Jiyeon picking Kai as someone who is eye-catching and saying that he dances really well
BLOCK B‘s U-Kwon praising Kai‘s dancing
Hello Venus‘ Juniel saying that Kai made her realize that dancing can be beautiful
Hello Venus‘ Seoyoung saying that Kai grabbed her attention
IVY saying that she fell in love with Kai's dancing
SNSD‘s Hyoyeon praising Jongin on several occasions
Somi (former IOI, now soloist) and Hayi (pd101) saying that they like Jongin
Giriboy being a fan of Kai, saying that he's a 'very cool dancer'
BIGSTAR’s Feeldogg choosing Kai when being asked who the top 7 idol dancers are
Ladies' Code Ashley saying that Kai is a great dancer and that she‘s a fan of him
WINNER‘s Seungyoon and Jinwoo talking about how amazing Kai's Gayo stage was with Seungyoon saying that it made him scream out loud and that he got inspired by it
The Unit’s Taeeun picking Kai as his role model
Kim Samuel picking Kai as his role model
Stray Kids‘ Lee Know picking Kai as the idol he wants to take after
WayV‘s Lucas saying that he learned how to dance by watching Kai's dance videos, that he wants to be like him and mentioning him in his letter
S.I.S‘ Sebin picking Kai as her role model on several occasions
NCT‘s Jisung picking Kai as his role model on several occasions
NCT‘s Jeno* picking Kai as his role model
ITZY‘s Yeji saying that she watches Kai's videos and that she respects him a lot with Yuna agreeing with her
ATEEZ‘ Yunho picking Kai as his role model, saying that he‘s the most influential idol
ATEEZ‘ Seonghwa picking Kai as his role model
TRCNG‘s Wooyeop picking Kai as his role model, saying that his mother really likes him as well
ONEUS‘ Hwanwoong praising Kai's dance skills, saying that 'when it comes to dance it‘s Kai sunbae' (Video in next tweet)
Newkidd‘s Yoonmin saying that Kai is the reason why he started dancing
The Boyz‘ Haknyeon expressing his love and admiration for Kai
Actor Kim Woo Seok saying that he became a fan of Kai by posting screenshots of fancams in his instagram story
Golden Child‘s Jaehyun saying that he got fascinated by Kai's solo stage at Tokyo Dome
(Ex-)Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo picking Kai as their role model
1THE9‘s Doyum picking Kai as one of his role models
Nine Percent and NEX7‘s Zhu Zhengting saying that he wants to dance like Kai and picking him as his dancing role model
Actress Oh Yeonseo saying that she‘s a big fan of Kai
SF9‘s Taeyang being Kai's biggest fanboy, always expressing how much he loves him and that Kai is his role model
Actress Yoon Se Ah saying that Kai has caught her attention
not directly related to Kai as a performer but Korean celebrity Ricky Kim praising Jongin‘s good character, saying that he‘s a really good person
Japanese actor Matsuoka Koudai saying that Kai is a dancing machine and that he can‘t be easily expressed by words
SOLIDEMO's Tomoya, a Japanese idol, saying that he wants to dance like Kai
Japanese idol Kako Oguri from the group GEM mentioning Kai and saying that she was overwhelmed by him and that she wants to be like him
When asked about who he admires Japanese idol Takao Hayato answered that he likes EXO and that Kai is an amazing dancer
Japanese dance crew S**T KINGZ (have choreographed some EXO songs) saying that Kai always goes beyond their expectations
Famous choreographer Kasper praising Kai and saying that most idols are 'Kai wannabes'
Composer Kim Jin Hwan saying that Jongin left a deep impression on him while praising his professionalism
Famous choreographer Choi Young Joon saying that he keeps an eye on Kai, that he has reached the highest level in all aspects, picking him as the best dancer among (kpop) artists and saying that he's glad that they don't work in the same field because he is a genuis
SM choreographer Shim Jae Won (beatburgerjae) calling Kai 'perfection'
Choreographer Tamzin Choi saying that Kai is 'not even human' and that he‘s glad that they aren‘t colleagues
Produce 101 Choreographer Jaesung Kwon picking Kai as one of the best kpop dancers, saying that he is perfect
Kai winning the best dancer poll (that is voted by other idols) 3 years in a row
CIX‘ Hyunsuk picking Jongin as his role model and saying that he is also Bae Jinyoung's (former Wanna One now CIX) role model
The MCs and guests of STAR WARS talking about Kai being one of the best dancers in the industry, calling him art, saying that 'nobody can argue with how great of a dancer he is' and that there is no explanation needed for him
Former Produce 101 contestant Kim Taedong (season 2) picking Kai as his role model, saying that he learned a lot from him and that he wants to be like him
BDC member and former PDx101 contestant Sihun picking Kai as his role model on Idol Radio
CIX‘ Jinyoung picking Kai as his role model and saying that he‘d be honoured if he got the chance to collab with him
JxR‘s Baekjin picking Kai as his role model
Not related to his dancing but Style and Grooming Director of GQ UK Teo van den Broeke saying that Kai is 'easily the most enigmatic and stylish of his fellow K-pop sensations' with Luke Day, Fashion Director of GQ, adding that 'he‘s a real trailblazer'
The official British GQ account ( @BritishGQ) calling Kai 'The face of K-Pop'
MCND‘s Minjae picking Kai as her role model and favorite singer on The Fan
2Z‘s drummer Bumjun picking Kai as his role model and saying that he is practicing his facial expressions by watching Kai‘s videos

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Youtuber Park Minjung posting screenshots of her watching Kai‘s fancams saying that he dances too well and that she fell for him
Famous choreographer Hong Young Joo picking Kai as one of her favorite idols when it comes to dance
Filipino actor Gabby Eigenmann and Filipino actress Glaiza de Castro supporting a fan project for Kai‘s solo album, showing their admiration for him ‘s Woncheol picking Kai as one of his role models
DKB‘s HeeChan picking Kai as his role model, praising his strong and clean movements, his physique and his facial expressions
DKB‘s Yuku picking Kai as his role model
E‘Last‘s Choi In picking Kai as one of his role models
Choreographer and dance teacher HyoJin Choi picking Kai as one of the artists that has caught her eye, saying that his way of expressing music is unique
Choreographer Kim YoungOh comparing Kai to Michael Jackson, saying that he‘s so good in dancing that he has his own genre
IZONE Chaeyeon saying that she has watched a lot of videos of Kai while praising him for his facial expressions and movements and for his ability to blend in well with his group while also managing to stand out
Apeace‘s Won Sik saying that Kai has changed his life
Thai actor and model Archen Aydin / Chen quoting an edit of Kai, calling him a 'super idol'
Stefanie Michova (Beenzino‘s girlfriend) saying that EXO Kai is her favorite artist

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GHOST9‘s Shin answering with EXO‘s Kai after getting asked if he likes a celebrity as a fan
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