5 A thread on ELEPHANTS 🐘

..or why there's no Ugandan video #utubiodiversity today 1/
Here are my *best* photos of elephants from the Ugandan forest. 2/
And here are some 🐘 photos from -outside- the forest. 3/
Notice a certain difference in quality? 🤔 There's a reason for this. 4/
Elephants and humans have a hard time spotting each other in the forest.
We actually keep on accidentally bumping into each other! 5/
How can a human (amongst noisiest walking species on Earth) and an elephant (5 tons with big flappy ears) NOT NOTICE each other? 6/
I've no idea how, but it keeps on happening in the forest. And elephants are like humans, when startled they may lash out.. 7/
..here are some of my traps after meeting elephants. 🐘blundered into the traps at night.. 8/
..and here I am up a tree. 3 hours holding onto the vines, trying not to get trampled. 9/
If anything, it's the humans' fault. Here's an elephant shot by poachers. Can you blame elephants for being a bit wary? 10/
The point of this thread? I guess I'm trying to explain why I don't have video of elephants in the forest. 11/
When charged by panicky elephants, my first reaction is *not* to take pics. 🤳 #greatvideo #beingSplattedIsFun #feelingSquashedByElephant

Perhaps I'm the wrong generation? 🤔😎 12/
Finally, what do you do if charged by an elephant? Here's a good example from South Africa on how to defuse the situation, firmly but showing respect. 13/13
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