Let’s talk about this and why it is important to me and my family please. Thread #nursinghome #coronavirus #CoronavirusLockdown #NewJersey https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1250585213257703425
68 staff and residents dead at this nursing home in NJ is proof of why the lockdown is important. Anyone that delivered food or medicine to the nursing home could have exposed those workers and residents to the virus. Then they taken the virus home to their houses and families
The problem is that if the country reopens again then more people will be allowed to go into these nursing homes. The more family members visiting and delivery workers and nurses going in and out puts everyone in danger especially the senior citizens here in the USA
Rn my mom is working at a place like this one. She says they have so many good things in place to keep the residents and staff safe even tho I know that can change at any time tho bc of one stupid person making one stupid mistake. They don’t let anyone into her place rn but staff
If everything goes back to normal then that means more people will be allowed to enter these places bc they will have a harder time telling people no. That will cause lots more of these places to be infected with Coronavirus and make it deadly for residents and staff
I know people are hurting right now with food and money. I promise you we will help keep you fed and have a roof over your heads. That’s what Americans do. We help each other. But please keep the lockdown in place as long as possible to protect seniors, workers like mom and me🙏
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