I'm going to explain something important, so pay attention.

There is only one currency in the world. "National" currencies aren't. The global financial system is one, unified, privatized, corporate system.
For all intents and purposes there's one currency in the world, and that is the US dollar.

That's just the current reality. Tomorrow it can be the Chinese currency. It doesn't matter. What matters is that *some* private, corporate currency draped with a national flag is ruling.
Whatever brands of global corporate debt money you buy don't matter. You're buying into the same financial system.

Until the power of that system itself is checked, NOTHING will change.
If you want a socially high tech and completely peaceful revolution that you can operationalize both as individuals and as a group, and that can change the power balance of the world at the same or greater level than worker's strikes, it is currency loyalty switching.
There are NO good currencies in 2020 that can check "The Dollar" (the global financial system itself).

All alternatives, like gold or bitcoin or dogecoin, are CLONES of the global financial system. They express roughly the same relationship between property and people: scarcity.
In 2009, Bitcoin inaugurated scalable anarchic monetary sovereigns that had the monetary mass to be human-created.

Physical gold did that millennia ago, but the monetary mas was not human-created / human-determined.
Just like Physical gold did not challenge the existing corporate/debt-based financial/monetary system that according to David Graeber's book cover is at least 5,000 years old, so did Bitcoin not change a single thing -- other than pointing out we can create monetary anarchic mass
*anarchic monetary masses
The existing corporate, scarcity-based, monetary/financial borg absorbed gold and it absorbed Bitcoin and all "cryptos" for a reason: they all speak the same language of scarcity. They are bearer instruments that are non-democratically obtained, meaning they can be hoarded.
If you played Monopoly when you were a kid, you know how that works. Someone ends up with all the gold and all the Bitcoin and all the dollars. It's encoded into the game rules and a power-law distribution is unavoidable.
The world is littered with local, alternative and emergency currency and credit systems.

These are NOT scalable. It's like saying you can oppose private corporate armies with your local militia. You can't -- even if you have a million of those!
A peer-to-peer system is not 1,000,000 nodes. It is 1,000,000 nodes meaningfully synchronizing to provide power that's comparable to that of another thing that's P2P or centralized and that also has 1,000,000 nodes.
The currencies that exist are not meaningfully monetary sovereigns. They are things that are subjectified by people, understood by people as "alternatives," as "local", as "small." If the government shows up, it shuts down. So it is never a threat. It's not a real competitor.
With "blockchain crypto," we can *meaningfully* create monetary sovereigns that *can oppose* the tyranny of the current corporate financial system.

What we create can scale and it can't be shut down.

Blockchain gives us that. It's done. It's solved. So what's missing?
Things that are missing:

1 - The creation of a monetary system that is not a CLONE of the existing scarcity-based one, so it's not just an extension of it. Implement something that's good for people, and to do that you need to see what's bad about dollars and bitcoins and gold.
In other words, what are the RULES of the boardgame so that it does not reproduce the outcomes of Monopoly.
2 - People have to SEE the existing monetary/financial paradigm and know why it is crucial to oppose it, instead of "lets create this local currency that's under the auspices of the REAL financial system that's REALLY legal, we're not traitors are we now huh"
(1) is solved. It's called Crypto UBI. There are dozens of Crypto UBI projects. It's happening.

(2) is the hard part. People will NOT ever really understand what I'm talking about here.
The way to go about (2) is to popularize -- mass-market -- Crypto UBI projects. People will use them because it is free money, not because they understand what a revolution is.
And that's how it can scale in terms of hearts and minds of people.

However, this movement will need people who can see (2) for what it really is. These are the leaders.
With Crypto UBI, money is generated and distributed *democratically*. It is still a bearer instrument, but *everyone bears it all the time*. You can't ultimately hoard all of it to the point where you completely starve everyone of money. That's transformative enough.
Crypto UBI can and will be the primary transitional ledger of basic economic rights for the entire planet. National currencies, which can be privatized or public, will be the last mile for transactions.

You can either do that with democratic Crypto, or with undemocratic bitcoin.
"Libertarians" like Bitcoin because they think tyranny is privatized corporate money. However, their bitcoins and gold bars are equally oppressive. They will be eventually hoarded by those with privilege, which are usually the Libertarians (which is why they are Libertarians).
The real fight is in the definition of what money should represent (i.e. human economic rights) and who should have rights to money (i.e. everyone, all the time, constantly, in a monetary-system guarantee manner).

"Libertarians" don't want people to have money.
Humanity has long departed the "zero default economic rights phase" or M=0

We must now transition from M=0 to M=C where C is some constant.

In the future we can transition to M=consumption level or M=full equality or the abolition of M.
We are ready to transition from M=0 to M=C. So let's do it.
Governments will do it only if there's pressure from below.

And our Crypto UBI systems are not designed to merely pressure governments into transitioning from M=0 to M=C (i.e. "Implement Universal Basic Income to All Citizens.").
Nope. Our systems ARE IT.

A Crypto UBI system RELIEVES governments from having to socially express who has an economic right to what. That will be listed in Crypto UBI ledgers! That is what we as people will look at to decide "who has money."
Crypto UBIs form a common, global monetary sovereign. They will be what people value. National money will have value *in terms of* Crypto UBI currencies.

We will sell our Crypto UBIs to national reserves in exchange for last mile "national legality" money.
That is exactly what "Libertarians" tried to do with Bitcoin. But their project is mostly irrelevant. Going back to a mostly constant supply commodity reserve system (either physical or virtual commodities) only creates problems. That world is gone, thankfully.
What we need is for our global reserve system to be *people-aware*. We need a "gold" to be the backing of our national banks, if that "gold" is like a magic substance that appears on the pockets of ALL people on Earth every day.

THAT is the "reserve" our banking should observe.
In other words, the reserve currency of our "banks" must be PEOPLE.

The "commodity money" we are going to create with Crypto UBI is merely a *proxy*, an oracle that allows a token game to SEE people indirectly at M=C proportion, which by now is socially acceptable.
That is why Bitcoin Maximalists are idiots. It's not so much that they are maximalist, but that they are Bitcoinists.
Crypto UBI is a system that can help force governments adopt UBIs within their existing monetary systems, which are *designed* to keep people in debt, but that can be forced, by way of additional laws and regulations, in an uphill battle to function democratically.
Crypto UBI can do that because they are a REAL threat that can't really be stopped unless you significantly boost the repression of the corporate regime. If governments DON'T do UBI, then people will turn to Crypto UBIs completely and bypass governments, maximalism-style.
So, if you want governments to adopt UBI, consider understanding Crypto UBI and working for Crypto UBI and using Crypto UBI. By doing so, you will be *actually* threatening the existing corporate order that refuses to implement UBI in its own privatized monetary dictatorship.
The first mass-market incarnation of Crypto UBI is called http://Voice.com 

Voice will give 100 tokens to every user, every day. You will probably not even be able to trade these because the SEC is breathing down the necks of the Voice company.

HOWEVER, try it.
The Voice token is the first mass-market incarnation (with 150 million dollars behind it, at the very least) of an alternative to the Monopoly rules of money. Money is generated by *tracking real people*. Actual real people get 100 tokens every day and that's it.
If you are in the United States, and you understand what I'm talking about in this thread, then please do join the Voice beta immediately and look at your token balance, and mentalize the ramifications of a *device* that grants C tradeable tokens to every person every day.
Imagine 300,000,000 people using this thing, generating 30,000,000,000 new "tokens" every day.

Imagine 300,000,000 people understanding at a gut level that money is really just an economic rights tracking device.

Imagine 300,000,000 minds exposed to this alternative rule.
Governments doing UBI depends on political will, and political will responds to mass civil unrest and disobedience and pressure.

For that pressure to exists, we need people to transform their minds en masse and sharing a common language to express that unrest.
Crypto UBI is the *language* that will allow people to have a collective language to express their absolute rage -- a rage that will emerge when they all have a language to realize and to discuss the SCAM that is living under an M=0, Monopoly-board-game regime.
People accept Capitalism (i.e. Monopoly board game rule) because they think it is inevitable. That inevitability will VAPORIZE, vanish, *poof*, when you have 300,000,000 people realizing it is trivial and it works to just issue money to people directly.
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