I grew up with upright vacuums. I love them. They are easy. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH VACUUM THAT YOU HAVE TO DRAG 3,000 PARTS & WIRES AROUND THE HOUSE WITH? I moved abroad. I bought an upright. Eventually I hired an amazing weekly housecleaner. SHE THREW DOWN, wanted a HENRY.
She loves it. I took my upright to the shop. But now, I started vacuuming rather often since the lock down with HENRY. WHAT THE FUCK TORTURE IS THIS? The handle comes apart every time I pull it across the floor? The wires and tubes twist. YOU HAVE TO BE HIGHLY PATIENT TO USE IT.
Did people got to ballet class with their Henry to master this? When I look at HENRY I see a devil. It's like the patriarchy. Promises you it will make life better and easier, but really just undercuts you and gaslights your ability and skills. I am so mad about it.
Do not tell me it's a great hoover. I do not have room.
For those who don't know. Here's a Henry. I want to kick him and his cheeky fucking ass.
Also, I got into this situation by being nice and good and wanting to help.
I want to know why more women aren't designing household appliances. Don't answer that.
I miss my housecleaner. I am still paying her. We are both single moms. I miss her.
I am going to trip and fall and hurt myself of my Henry or I am going to buy an Oreck, and be happy. Looks around for money.
It's like living with a droog.
I want to also point out that Which? magazine takes on the uselessness of the Henry in a very delicate and British way. Calls a "lentil" a piece of "large debris." https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/vacuum-cleaners/numatic-henry-hvr16011-similar-model
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