Most hated players in the history of football.

A thread.
Sol Campbell.

Played faithfully for Spurs for 9 years then moved to London rival Arsenal right after.
Diego Costa.

Playing the game dirty, teasing defenders, being aggressive and high-profile during football matches.
Sergio Ramos.

Known for being ugly on the pitch. Playing dirty, elbowing opponents and making ugly tackles.
Holds the all-time La Liga record for red cards (20 in league games) and picked up his 26th red card against Manchester City some weeks ago.
Mario Balotelli.

Unprofessionalism, being self-centred and a "madman" on the pitch.

Especially at Real Madrid, alongside Sergio Ramos, Pepe was known for playing very dirty. With him consciously injuring players and losing his temper, he and Sergio Ramos quickly got known as a duo that played rough and ugly.

Pepe is closing in on 150 yellow cards.
Luis Suarez.

To state the obvious, Luis Suarez is labelled as the guy who bites. He's bitten Otman Bakkal, Ivanovic and Chiellini. Even though people are starting to forget about the incidents, he's still hated for diving, and for being a little bit of a drama queen.
Adam Johnson.

Well, Adam Johnson was a great football player with a big talent. He still ruined it for himself, when he had sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl. He spent time in prison because of his actions.
Marco Materazzi.

Materazzi was a violent centre-back. He injured players like it was nothing, and as everyone knows, he got headbutted by Zinedine Zidane after he insulted Zidane's sister in the 2006 world cup final.
Carlos Tevez.

He joined Manchester United in 2009. He later joined Manchester City, the rival club of United, where he trashed the Manchester clubs and the city of Manchester. He refused to get subbed on and complained about every little thing, he still got paid £286,000 a week.
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