It annoys me that I'm still seeing the WW vs CM.

Have some movie facts

- Gal was cast in 2013
- Captain Marvel's solo film was announced first
- Wonder Woman had 3 appearances before CM
- Captain Marvel made made roughly 279 million more
- Wonder Woman has better reviews
There. Those are the facts.

They're drastically different heroes with drastically different histories, and drastically different tones.
Now onto comics.

Wonder Woman is one of the only characters in the DC Universe that can go toe to toe with Superman in a fist fight.

That's been proven time and again over decades.
Yes, Captain Marvel could probably give Superman a run for his money.

Both WW and CM would probably still lose.

(This is excluding Supergirl who is probably the only hero that could possibly overpower Superman in single combat.)
(I will not be entertaining the "Batman with prep time" argument because it's stupid. So very very stupid.)
In a fight against each other Diana would probably beat Carol simply because Diana is the better trained fighter.

Carol relies on raw power whereas Diana was relies on training and tactics.

Carol probably couldn't overpower Diana fast enough.

It'd be a close call tho.
(I will also not being entertaining the "WW and CM would never fight" argument because it's silly. They absolutely would if the situation required it. It wouldn't be their first resort but they absolutely would. People only say that because they like both a great deal.)
(Don't even get me started on the "I love both" franchise argument. That irks me on a whole other level. It's OK to have preferences. No, you're not special because you but comics from both companies. 99.999% of the superhero comic fandom does.)
I digress.

Yes I think CM and WW would be great friends, but they'd totally fight each other.

Carol is not Marvel's Wonder Woman. She's Carol.

The only Marvel lady that could ever have the gravitas that WW has is Storm and I will hear no objections. Lol (It's joke calm down.)
Yes, they would be friends.

Yes, they would probably fight each other when necessary.

Diana would probably win because of stronger battle tactics and more experience.

Most DC heroes are stronger than their corresponding Marvel heroes because of narrative differences.
DC uses the "Gods Among Us" mentality whereas Marvel tends to go the "regular people with fancy powers" route.

(I just want to state for the record that WW and CM would lay Harley Quinn flat on her ass.)
That really should be the end of my weird ass rant.

Sorry, folks.

If you've read this far I sm reward you with a cute panda gif.

In conclusion: pandas are perfect.
Here's another panda gif for free.
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