The S in Sangyeon stands for Supremacy: a thread to appreciate Lee Sangyeon because it needs to be done

mannnn this thread is gonna be a mess just like my brain when i think about sangyeon anyways I'll begin with SANGYEON VOCAL LEGEND !!!!
anyways the only correct way to start this thread is by discussing sangyeon's cover of 'maybe its' not our fault' by baek yerin because it's a masterpiece.
continuing the sangyeon vocal legend agenda, is his performance of '점점' on king of masked singer. he literally sounds so good here i could cry.
tbh I'm just dropping videos and sometimes i don't know what's in them because i put the links in my notes and gave them random names. enjoy! oh and also this live is kind of iconic
he also sang some stuff here idk what it is to be honest but it sounds nice !!
Here is a short compilation of Sangyeon's '이렇게 빠져들어 네게' in right here because i like it
Sangyeon the vocal legend also happens to be very versatile. man even does trot !! here's some parts of his performance with Yoon Soo Hyun and look at that confidence !!
i feel like now would be an interesting time to continue the sangyeon-trot thing by inserting DDD but trot version by lee sangyeon himself
sangyeon and trot would not exist if not for this iconic moment during flower snack. look how happy they all are. also sangyeon comedian videos begin now. also I'm typing this on my laptop and i can't play the video so... if it doesn't upload boohoo just watch flower snack
another ICONIC moment during flower snack. when sangyeon tricked juyeon into thinking that he had some disease after the cotton-bud scene. there is no higher form of comedy???
sangyeon also has a thing for impressions of old dramas hence this masterpiece from boy era. creker give him an acting role in a webdrama. sangyeon for new netflix drama
also here's a video of sangyeon being a dork
and when sangyeon turned younghoon into a piano
next on my disorganized list of sangyeon videos is SANGYEON MAIN DANCER !! mans is main vocal but what if we talked about sangyeon bad guy
okay great so the video from flower snack worked now I'll talk about sangyeon at drop the dance. sangyeon is a main vocal but he freestyle danced TWICE. the slayage. exhibit a:
exhibit b:
also this vlive is kind of iconic because we got SANGYEON RAPPER !! and here i will conclude my sangyeon all-rounder propaganda.
lmao i'm not done yet a sangyeon thread is never complete without THIS. unfortunately, sangyeon does not have a call me baby fancam, even after he did this. i think about this every day and it upsets me in ways i could never imagine.
i was running out of characters but i could spend hours expressing my distaste at mnet for depriving us of a call me baby sangyeon fancam. anyways, now i shall talk about SANGYEON FOREHEAD SUPREMACY. none of these images are mine btw !!
we can also see the sangyeon forehead supremacy in the boyz's cover of danger but we only have the preview and i seriously might cry when i watch the whole thing. stream the boyz on road to kingdom.
continuing the sangyeon forehead supremacy agenda... one of the only fancams of sangyeon during reveal because people don't appreciate him enough and all music shows care about are views.
will be dropping these sangyeon moments:
forehead supremacy aside, sangyeon is a VISUAL. no one talks about this but sangyeon was scouted into creker off his side profile ALONE. LOOK AT THIS VISUAL SLAY !!
we don't talk about sangyeon pink hair enough too.
look at this beauty!! why do people sleep on him???
and some disorganized random photos featuring x1/h&d's lee hangyul because it's necessary
also sangyeon went viral predebut for his visuals. this is our very attractive subway guy aka lee sangyeon.
now i shall discuss class president lee sangyeon's leader moments. he has tons of cute moments with eric but this one >>>>
and sangyeon giving his kids energy drinks
and also sangyeon talking when the boyz got their first win with bloom bloom (we need to make this happen again because sangyeon wanted a win with reveal and we DIDNT GET ONE ASKDFJASDLFJSD)
also let's talk about how sangyeon studied really hard to get the boyz a business licence so they could open a snack store during flower snack. i couldn't find the footage but here's proof of Sangyeon Best Leader
and now i'm a mess so I'll drop some cute sangyeon moments/edits that aren't mine
i will finish this thread off by inserting a compilation of sangyeon tumbling over juyeon in reveal which y'all SLEPT ON because of the gaybait going on in center stage. anyways, let's appreciate sangyeon more and stream the boyz on road to kingdom.
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