"I’m reminded by the fact we had a Department for Brexit for Government - and are faced with something which is, at the moment, even larger than Brexit and yet I don’t see quite the same evidence for that level of organisation." Neil Ferguson Imp Coll London
2/ Now here's my tuppenceworth.
Not only will the Mail and Express readers never be reminded of this - but if and when we emerge blinking into the light the Tories with an 80 seat maj. and the positive feelings of relief in the country
will "ramp up' all the shit they've had waiting in the wings: boundary reorganisation (voter gerrymandering), more NHS privatisation, a hard Brexit, total privatisation of education, BBC subscription service.
3/ The Spaffing Priapic Lazarus Clown will emerge from Chequers cured and glowing with divine light, will mouth bullshit about how he loves the NHS and how he has got Brexit and Corvid19 done and the sunlit uplands and unicorns are on their way.
4/ Papers like the Guardian / Indy / New Statesman will be voices crying in the wilderness as the Tory press circle round and join in the adulation. I suspect that Scotland and Wales will have plenty to say about this - NI too, but with all the cards and the loaded dice
5/in his hands, a compliant press, a lying propaganda machine worthy of Goebbels and a nation so relieved not to be dead, the Spaffing Priapic Lazarus Clown who did a great impression of "taking one for the team" will have a clear run. Those of us who have lost people
6/ to this plague and who know that many thousands of deaths could have been avoided (Taiwan / S Korea / New Zealand) will be lost voices in the wilderness. We will be told to "get over it" and that "the govt acted splendidly". Files will be destroyed, minutes lost,
7/ and more lies will be splashed across the MSM as the Tories drag us towards Brexitland. The Tories will unite as they always do and the hairshirt Corbynista victims will do their best to scupper Labour's chances of holding the Tories to account.
8/ A grim vision? Yes - but years ago I forecast the demise of the working class as a political force and when I was called a class traitor had to point out that in my street when I was growing up all the fathers did the "Football Pools"
9/ Not so they could stay in solidarity with their neighbours in a terraced house with no bathroom, an outside toilet and a scrappy back yard, but so they could get £75,000 and fuck off to a big bungalow in Southport or Lytham St Anne's.
10/ Until what is left of The Labour Party understand that and until Momentum and the hard left hair shirt wearers understand that - they will never know why Lab lost so many of their Red Heartlands. I hope I'm wrong and that The Spaffing Priapic Lazarus Clown wins the war
11/ but loses the peace, but if my 75 yrs on this island has taught me anything it is that the people who send their children to Eton, who run the hedge funds, the army and much of the press don't want a People's Revolution and a new world
12/ that listens to the sanity of young people like Greta Thunberg, They want the world to go back exactly the way it was - the truth will be swept under the carpet, there will be diversions and "the plebs" will be given just enough bread and circuses to keep them from rioting.
13/ This govt have floated through Corvid19 on a raft of lies - do you think for one moment that, as we come out of this and head straight towards a hard Brexit, that anything will change? Oh look - another pig just flew over the houses across the way. 80 seat maj - remember.
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