*Govt formation *

The choice my party is facing is not one I ever wanted to have to be part of.

I’ve never given FG a transfer let alone thought of going into coalition with them.

I’ve also never given SF a transfer let alone thought of going into coalition with them
We put forward our manifesto before the people in #GE2020. They adjudicated on that and on our promises re: coalition partners. They gave all parties a draw.

Yet, Ireland still needs a strong government
I and FF members are faced with a choice:

1. Coalition with FG and others
2. Coalition with SF and others
3. National Unity Govt
Why I’m against a unity government (NUG)

1. Strong oppositions are essential to keep a check on govt. a NUG has no real opp.

2. I don’t support FF in govt with SF due to their policies and practices

(This isn’t a block on SF just my position on FF dealing with them)
Why I’m against a deal with SF.

1. See above. Policies; personalities and practices - both current and past.

Again SF are free to form a govt themselves if they can get willing partners
Why I’ll reluctantly back a FF deal with FG and other centre left parties

1. Ireland needs a govt
2. We can agree a coherent policy platform
3. It’s more palatable (to me) than a deal with SF
But just so it’s on the record. I don’t like this choice that I have to make, but it’s a choice that has to be made.

Would I prefer a FF-led govt with greens, SDs and Lab? Absolutely.

But I live in the realm of what’s possible and acceptable and not in a fantasy world
Everyone who is in politics has the responsibility to do what they think is best for their country first, and their party second.

Could this damage Fianna Fáil? Absolutely

But it’s up to members and elected reps to ensure that it doesn’t.
I’ve been in Fianna Fáil since Feb 1998. I adore the party, its history and it’s traditions. I’m unapologetic in my opposition to the Treaty.

But it’s the future that counts. And that’s why I’ll vote in favour of a PfG negotiated between FF, FF, other parties and Indos.
I hope my friends in Fianna Fáil will try to understand my position. They may not agree with it but I hope we will still be friends.
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