Ab dil pe patthar rakh ke meri baat suno, i know y'all are not ready to listen to this due to your over emotional hearts, per sunlo aur acche se samajh lo

Once the lockdown is over, they will sign new projects, with different co actors, ab saari+++
Zindagi bhar ek dusre ke saath toh kaam nahi kar sakte na. Maybe they'll work in different industries. Koi web series karega koi bollywood ya anything. They'll have to stay away from each other for months in different countries for shooting+++
It's their life, they entertained us for 5months, ab kya saari zindagi bhar entertain karte rahenge, don't they have their personal lives? Lets not make it suffocating for them. Pls take care of your own health also. Don't let shipping be harmful for your own self+++
Don't let it affect your health
Not asking y'all to stop loving them.
But set a daily reminder for yourself that you don't need content to survive. Jitna mil raha hai usme khush raho. If you are missing them, go watch bb again.++
And lastly, even if Sana is at her flat(which is probably impossible in mumbai right now), be happy for her that she's finally having her own place to stay in mumbai
And even y'all leave twitter for sometime everyday and spend time with your family
The entire world is in danger. No one knows what can happen. Give time to your loved ones.

Aur mere iss thread se kisi ko hurt hua ho toh i am really sorry, kaan pakad ke sorry
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