I think the thing I miss most about my early-2000s mall job was the alliances that would form between different stores.
Like we'd totally give the folks from The Pretzel Peddler our employee discount in exchange for free pretzels and sodas but we wouldn't DARE associate with the losers at The Pretzel Place.
True story: A girl who worked at A&W asked me out on a date while we were on a cigarette break together and I told her I couldn't because I had to work late. She went in and started a grease fire so the mall had to shut down and then waited by my car.
I tried to tell her I wasn't interested in girls and she DIDN'T BELIEVE ME. After she STARTED A GREASE FIRE to try and woo me.
When I worked at Spencer's we were required to hate the people at Hot Topic so we'd go steal their Manic Panic and they'd come in and try to take stupid pins out of the bins by our registers.
There was also the period of time where I only knew people by their first name and where they worked. Like I was friends with Waldenbooks Becky and PacSun Stephanie and went out on a date with Pretzel Kyle but he turned out to be weird.
What I REALLY miss was opening the store and having to take the deposit across the street to the bank and making small talk with the elderly bank tellers. They always told me to take my lip ring out and I wouldn't!
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