THREAD TIME! I had the pleasure of hearing @MiamiHurricanes sports psychologist, Dr. Eric Goldstein, present on #Coaches prioritizing #mentalhealth when communicating with their student-athletes.’ Thx to @Gulliver_AD & @CarlsbadAD for making it happen. Here’s my takeaways...
1/9 Coaches should be caring for themselves so that they can care for their athletes. The ‘airplane oxygen mask’ concept. Save yourself, then save others. #coachesMatter #MentalHealthMatters
2/9 Stop sending regularly scheduled email updates during #COVID19 No one’s reading them and it’s not real connection. LOL. *note to self #coachesMatter #mentalhealth
3/9 When meeting on Zoom, intentionally engage your student-athletes by name and give them all an opp to share. Let then tell their story. #coachesMatter #mentalhealth
4/9 Encourage 8 hrs of sleep from midnight to 8 am. There is such a thing as a bad 8 hrs, like 3 am - 11 am. It fights against the natural rhythm of the body and leaves athletes exhausted. #mentalhealth #coachesMatter
5/9 Find ways to keep athletes competing. It’s one of their loves that is lost during #COVIDー19 Give it back to them through trick shot challenges, timed burpee race, and other virtual competitions. #mentalhealth #coachesMatter
6/9 Don’t let student-athletes answer they ‘how are you?’ question w/ ‘fine’ unless they can describe ‘fine.’ This is a subtle way to investigate if they are struggling w/ something. #coachesMatter #mentalhealth
7/9 Schedule lots of short Zoom meetings w/ your team. 3-4 ten minute meetings during the week are better than 1 60 minute meeting every 7 days. Stay connected. Constantly. #coachesMatter #mentalhealth
8/9 Make sure your interactions w/ your student-athletes are not only about athletics. Talk about all of the other things happening in their lives. Their sport, or temporarily losing it, should not define them. #coachesMatter #mentalhealth
9/9 Prioritize laughter when with your student-athletes. #dadjoke of the day texts, prom pics from the coaches past, and any other responsible way to make your student-athletes smile just for sake of smiling is huge. #coachesMatter #mentalhealth Dr. Goldstein was terrific today!
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