If you want to ask Q a question, it's not necessary to post it on the board.

The Q uses an AI program that aggregates & categorizes internet data.

Regardless of the platform, if you're talking about something of interest to Q, he will find your post and reply to it.
Q does not communicate *ON* other platforms. But he does observe posts on Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

If your post is relevant to an issue Q wants to highlight, he may post a link to it on the board and comment on it. https://twitter.com/ButwhatdoIknow3/status/1250614707276468230?s=19
I was sharing some theories about the Lisa Page / Peter Strzok photos from London on Twitter in 2018.

As I was developing my line of thinking, Q posted my photos on 8chan and confirmed them.

I didn't post anything on the board https://twitter.com/ButwhatdoIknow3/status/1250615783819968513?s=19
I use "he" as a literary style choice but I believe Q is a team. https://twitter.com/ScottFantasy/status/1250621389314424833?s=19
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