While toxic positivity is A Real Thing, the few times I saw it being used in any fandom was by people who made hurtful uninformed takes, got called out on it + instead of apologizing they doubled down on it, lost followers/friends and got jealous of them moving on and being happy
When you rant about stuff you don't know about- thats not critical thinking, and people who know more/LIVED IT tell you "hey that's not how it went nor how it works" and you don't apologise then. Uh. You're walking over their experience, in this case a hurtful experience, for
your pride. That's not critical thinking. You're not doing valid criticism.
And it pisses peeps off so yeah, you lose moots cos you fuckin hurt em my dude. Own that.
And if you call generally positive people "toxic" for being who they are just cos you got a beef with them that's
just cynical and shitty.
I'm a huge advocate for self indulgence and also, just feelings.
If you're sad or angry, ride it. Vent. Look and accept support.
If your way to cope is being positive because believe it or not being nice to others and making others happy or laugh is an
addictive feeling that actually makes people feel better about themselves... That's not toxic positivity. Sometimes being nice just feels really fucking good.
Reminds me of someone who said popular people who are kind just do it so they can look good and manipulate you, not bc
Being kind actually feels fucking great tbh.
Replying hate and slander campaigns with positivity isn't toxic. Trying to stay positive in a high stress situation isn't toxic.
Ride your anger and your sad and feel it. Take your time.
But there's no denying that staying bitter is isolating. I've been there multiple times and I'm done being there ever again, and I'm not the only one who feels this and that's ... Not toxic.
I def can handle myself and others when we're sad or pissed, you just don't have to see it.
And we don't want you to. You just see the good stuff because that's what we want to share.
We don't owe you our rawest feelings so you feel validated. And that doesn't make us fake.
Still toxic positivity is a thing, it gets practiced in any fandom yeah but not by individual people, but collectively.
It's more like "There's no war in Ba Sing Se" than like, having this one person with ptsd attempting to feel better by making others feel better.
Because oh yeah I know what this is about. I wouldve taken that thread seriously if the op was someone else, whos not among this group of peeps who're all saying the same things: "toxic positivity" this, "fake kindness" that, "popular people circle jerk", "just like antis/LeeCa",
"oh I'm a Small Creator™️ and The BNFs ™️ slept with my wife (except I'm actually more popular than the people I'm jealous of- who even support me btw- but victimhood gives me attention so here I am) and now I make both Pop and Actual Small Creators feel shitty about themselves"
And a lot of them have been targeting one person in particular who's gotten so much shit since last year and is just trying to stay loudly positive regardless.
You have no idea how many times I've had to console this person. And then how I had to be there for tons of others than then come back online with a smile and do their best to stay kind in these trying times bc everyone is just looking to feel good in fandom.
This isn't about me btw, and most of times I don't take offense if I get insulted around bc honestly no one is shittier about me than my own mind. And I curse in Spanish.
But I will stand up for those who are affected by it.
Anyway what I mean to say is that lately, conversation about "toxic positivity" isn't actually about It.
And it derails into a toxic, schoolyard-taunt-levels practice in which bitter people use certain calculated wording to bring genuinely positive people down.
Now after what happened last week I've decided to be more liberal with my block button, and this was the debut.
Don't take it personally, I just wanna curate my online experience, yanno, make it a good place for me and my fam.
Irl is shitty enough.
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