6 months ago how many of you had heard of #Hydroxychloroquine?
Well I knew about it
Here's my story as I support @realDonaldTrump and his push for the use of this drug to treat #COVID19
Like many Lymies I struggled getting my Dr to believe me and this complicated disease. He refused to listen, denied the existence of it and eventually kicked me out of his practice of which I had been a patient 14ish yrs
The mockery of patients is real.
The criminal acts of suppression,disinformation,changing test markers,faulty testing, making a DX near impossible by #BigPharma and buying off Drs is shameful. Sounds oddly like whats happening with #COVID19 in some respects
I am one of the fortunate ones. In my tiny hometown I found a Lyme literate Naturopathic DR
In BC our NDr's are able to write RX.
I was presenting with neuro symptoms in 2015
I was getting lost driving, losing words, memory lapses & much more.
I was put on #Hydroxychloroquine #Azithromycin as well as Abx.
I "pulsed" these 2Xs daily for over 11 months!
I took them EVERY SINGLE DAY for for 11 months OR 334+ days NONSTOP without a SINGLE SIDE EFFECT of any kind
These drugs STOPPED the neuro issues in their tracks
So why are the Dems WHO Gates Trudeau Lib Govt against this drug treatment
#Hydroxychloroquine has been approved in the USA since 1 9 5 5
The WHO recommends both on their LIST of Essential Medicines
They state The Safest and Most Effective Medicine Needed in a Health System
Why the backlash against #POTUS45 for suggesting this well proven drug as a possible cure? Why fear mongering
bc they want to keep us sick and controlled
I am the poster child for #Hydroxychloroquine #Azithromycin as well as using an array of #holistic treatments #Homeopathy #TissueSalts #holistichealing
As of Jan 2020 I am #LymeFree thanks to an intelligent mix of using approved drugs alongside holistic medicine by my incredible Naturopathic DR
I stand with @realDonaldTrump recommending these life saving available and inexpensive drugs #HydroxychloroquineAndAzithromycin
Don't be fooled by the lies you are being fed by the MSM
A bigger question that needs asked
Was #LymeDisease a targeted #BioWeapon & #COVIDー19
Was it released intentionally to depopulate the world
300,000 cases of #LymeDisease reported WW by the CDC in 08 but probably much higher than that.

I'm trusting that @realDonaldTrump has the answers to these questions and many more.
In the near future I believe he will tell us things that many have known or suspected but few have wanted to admit bc its so grievous.
The TRUTH is rarely pure and never simple
-Oscar Wilde
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