🇦🇲 & 🇹🇷 a nuanced thread from my biased political perspective.

It should be no surprise that I view the Turkish government suspiciously. I do however seperate the people of Turkey from their government and I don't automatically hate a person just because they identity as a Turk.
Because the Armenian Genocide, a factual reality, was such a disruptive event in the lives of my great grandparents (and fellow ethnic compatriots) and forced them out of their native villages, I don't have patience for deniers of factual reality, regardless of their background.
I do however, understand that years of misguided factually inaccurate policy by various Turkish governments has biased many people of Turkey against factual reality.

The only way forward is a calm and measured conversation that is respectful of factual realities and the truth.
For my part, I don't blame modern Turks as though they've physically participated in the slaughter. However, they, along w/ other deniers, must recognize that blind denial is akin to the perpetuation of genocidal policy & with active denial the genocidal process is still ongoing.
I am however, grateful for the Turks who did help my ancestors while their government was instituting such a brutal campaign. In particular, my great grandmother who was housed and protected by a Turkish family who knew they would have been tortured and killed had the govt known.
I also find myself sharing a great deal of cultural elements with Turks, as well as others who lived along side us, such as Assyrians, Greeks, Kurds, Zaza, Laz, etc.

There are similarities in cuisine, music, emotive reactions, pathos, and child rearing.
I however, cannot deny the various gulfs between governments and ideologies, even if the Armenian Genocide was accepted by Turkey. Deciding on equitable restitutions, for one thing. Then, there's the Artsakh situation that is still a powder keg.
When it comes to Artsakh, I am indeed biased and less nuanced. This is another issue that is likely to polarize the gulf between our people because I think an independent Artsakh is the only way forward. I support Artsakh's right for self determination.
Further, I recognize that I have the "luxury" of thinking as I do, because although I have lived in Armenia for over 8 years, I am an American citizen, reside in Hawaii, and have a livelihood independent of the region. Those in the region though deal with different circumstances.
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