Bakugo gets hit with a Quirk called Child's Play which turns people into living toys.

((CW: Dubcon since Bakugo can't talk without lungs/vocal cords but he *is* into it, micro I think))

((Also DKBK))
What kind of toy they get turned into is seemingly random; some turn into plastic figurines, others plush dolls, some even turn into little Tamagotchi knockoffs.
Bakugo winds up as a small plush of himself, still in his Hero Gear.

Since the effects of the Quirk wear off on their own (Aizawa already tried just using his Quirk on him, natch,) and Bakugo *can* actually move around in this form (though he has trouble
staying upright thanks to his head being almost as big as his torso R/N,) he's just allowed to go back to the dorms with everyone else to wait it out, though Aizawa designates Izuku to look after him in the meantime.
Deku may not be willing to deliberately *humiliate* him like the others, but is still fascinated, poking and prodding at the soft fabric and muttering questions while they sit in the safety of his room.

They'd narrowly avoided members of the Bakusquad who "just want to see what
he looks like now" (while carrying suspiciously perfectly Kacchan-sized doll clothes,) by Deku squishing Bakugo's plushy body down and shoving him into one of the pockets of his cargo shorts (Bakugo neither knows nor cares what miracle caused none of the 'squad to notice.)
The fact that the process of being basically crushed down to maybe a fourth of his size, staying like that for several minutes, and then just springing back to his "normal" shape didn't even feel all that uncomfortable, let alone painful, kinda surprising them both, especially
since Bakugo can confirm that he can still feel.

He can see as Deku gently taps at his little red button eyes with the back of his pen, as if the entire surface is one big pupil, but the feeling is like tapping against one's nails.
He can feel the slide of fabric on fabric as Deku removes each piece of black, orange, and green felt from him, but he doesn't feel any colder despite nothing covering his body anymore.
He can feel each faux-fur hair on his head as Deku brushes his fingers against the tips, but his body doesn't shiver despite the tingling.

What *does* get a shiver out of him is when Deku's thumb presses down on his little cotton cock, muttering unconsciously about "anatomical
correctness", and he clenches his little mitten-hands into fists as he tries not to rock his hips into the sensation.

And almost immediately fails when Deku raises him up for a closer look, nudging a bit harder at his junk to the point if his mouth wasn't just a
single painted-on line it would be hanging open and if his eyes weren't static buttons they'd be rolling back in his head.

Instead, he tips his heavy head back until he's looking at the wall behind him, gripping the scarred hand holding him up as tightly as he can with no
proper muscles or fingers, and jerks his hips into the digit still probing the rigid piece of fabric.

Fortunately, this is enough to shock Deku out of "observation mode" and actually remember that the "doll" he's been prodding at is alive.
Unfortunately, the shock causes Deku to flinch, accidentally pressing too hard and pushing Bakugo's junk, balls and all, all the way into his body.

Deku has no way of knowing that the spasming of his plush friend is from the weirdest dry orgasm of Bakugo's entire life (thus far)
and promptly apologizes, frantically trying to figure out a way to pop his junk back out where it belongs (especially since the Villain had refused tell them how long it takes for Child's Play to wear off. Deku doesn't want to find out what happens if it does while Kacchan's dick
is *inside out*.)

He tries pressing his pinky in, figuring he could maybe pull it out if he hooks it right, but the jerking of Kacchan's hips is worrying him.

Then he sees something between the spread legs, and gets another idea.
He presses his fingers into Kacchan's weirdly satin-lined asshole (something he'd noticed immediately, but hadn't really been sure what to make of since why would a doll without a mouth need an asshole,) and probes around, repeatedly apologizing to his squirming friend until he
finally finds what he's pretty sure is the inside-out tip of Kacchan's cock and presses *hard*, trying to pop it back out from the inside.

It works, but something's odd.

The fabric making up the tiny body parts look like they've been soaked through with something white, and
Kacchan's hips are still jerking up while the satin lining inside him seems to be squeezing down on his fingers.

That's when Deku notices there's something that feels like a toy squeaker inside Kacchan, just below where his cute little painted-on belly button is on the outside.
Furrowing his brows, he gives a small, experimental press, and the doll's hips hitch again as a tiny bead of something white oozes out of the tip of Kacchan's cock.

Bakugo manages to lift his head high enough to see Deku's face, now bright red as the dork *finally* seems
to realize what he's been doing to him all this time.

He bats at Deku's thumbs, getting his attention, and gestures to the rather obvious tent in his shorts before pointing to where the two fingers ae still inserted into him.
While it does take a minute to actually communicate what he wants it's absolutely worth it once Deku's roughly moving him up and down the length of his dick, thumbs pressed firmly against the back of his head to keep it from falling back and pinkies keeping Bakugo's tiny
legs folded up against his own body to keep them from bouncing with the rapid movement.

It's not like Bakugo can really control his increasingly numb limbs himself.

Not with the bulbous head of Deku's cock repeatedly jabbing against something inside him just below his head.
Bakugo distantly realizes this should be painful (if not lethal), but as he is, every press of that cockhead into bottom of the little empty space where his brain should be is making him shiver in anticipation.

He needs that space filled.
Deku's muttering again, but now it's all about how soft and tight Bakugo is and Bakugo's vision starts to cloud as the thrusts get shorter and faster and he feels Deku position his calloused fingers just above the little tummy bulge his squeaker's made.
Deku squeezes him hard, Bakugo's tiny cock sending a spurt of white onto the wall in front of them and Bakugo has just enough time think "FINALLY" before Deku's cumming into him, literally filling his head up with himself, and Bakugo's having trouble thinking about anything
other than how good it feels to have the wet warmth swishing around inside his head, far more important than the increasing numbness in his limbs.

He doesn't want it to end. He doesn't want to go back to feeling anything other than this.

Only this.
Deku starts pulling him off and he clenches down as best he can despite his smooth inner walls. The action causes Deku to gasp and if he could smile he would.

"Y-you want to go again? Already?"

Bakugo's head isn't totally full yet, but still too heavy to nod, so he settles for
a quick squeeze around the head just inside him, already twitching back to life, and Deku smiles and readjusts his grip.

"Whatever Kacchan wants."

((Continue on for the Bad End))

((CWs: Dubcon, Mindbreak, memory erasure/rewriting, lowkey body horror (think Sid's room from T*y St*ry), angst))
Bakugo feels the wonderful warm fuzz fill his head again as Deku slides back into him until he's fully seated, and it only grows as the soft "mmm~" from the boy ripples through his waterlogged (cumlogged?) head.

"H-hey, Kacchan? I think I might n-need a minute to get, ah, hard
enough to go again. Is that okay?"

Okay? Okay!? If Bakugo could open his mouth, he'd do so to tell Deku not to be stupid.

Just sitting here, Deku filling him up with pulsing warmth, Bakugo feels like he's in heaven.

There isn't a single thing else he wants to do right now.
Well, besides getting cummed into, but he's fine with waiting until Deku's ready for that.

He's a doll after all, what does *he* have to do that's so important?
He tilts his head back until it bumps against Deku's abs, smiling up at him and stroking up and down the bulge in his chest made by the thick cock tucked snugly into him with both of his little mitten hands.

His smile grows wider, to the point where the paint of his mouth
nearly cracks, when his touches earn an immediate reaction, the fingers gently encircling his body briefly but tightly squeezing him while the cock buried in him fills out again, and his *face*...

Deku's face went from nervous to shocked to deeply flushed all in the same
moment, and breaths out a husky "Kacchan-!" and Bakugo has all of a split second to be proud of getting such a reaction pretty much by accident before Deku's rolling his hips up into him and once again forcing out any useless thoughts that have nothing to do with his and Deku's
pleasure in this moment.

He doesn't even know how long Deku uses him for, thrusting into him and breathlessly chanting "Kacchan, Kacchan, so good, so good..." and squeezing his little tummy squeaker every time he cums into him with a gasp, but he doesn't care.
This is what dolls like him are made for after all, right? There's no point in thinking about silly things like the passage of time, especially when his head is finally filled up completely with the warmth of Deku's cum and the the liquid seems to muffle all sounds around him
that aren't his Deku's voice telling him how amazing his Kacchan is and Bakugo...


Who's that?

His name is Kacchan and Deku's is Deku, so who's this Bakugo?

Kacchan struggles against the warm sleepiness to try and think about why that name sounds so familiar.
He's still muddling through his thoughts when Deku lifts him up, peering into his wet hole and muttering to himself before reaching for something in his bedside drawer.

And then the thoughts come to a screeching halt as Deku holds him by the legs and slides something into him,
not as warm as his cock but just as thick and almost as long, and Kacchan's vision goes white for a moment as he feels the tip of it press into the space in his head filled with cum.

By the time his thoughts stop spinning, Deku has put his little shirt and pants back on and is
holding him up in front of the door mirror in his room.

He asks Kacchan if he can feel anything leaking out and after a moment, Kacchan remembers he actually *can* move his body and shakes his head.

Deku smiles in relief, saying that the dildo had been a joke gift from one of
their friends and it had occured to him it would be the perfect size to plug Kacchan up in a way that no one would notice from the outside once his clothes went back on.

Kacchan rubs over the bulge in his torso, smaller than the one Deku's cock had made but still nice and firm,
and beams at their reflection.

His Deku is so smart!

Kacchan is so lucky to have such a smart and resourceful owner!

He doesn't know how he managed without him before but he's so happy to have him now!
Wait, "before"? There was a "before" for Kacchan?

As Deku sets him down on the bed to change into his own night clothes, Kacchan stares at the ceiling, thinking.

His memories all begin earlier today when Deku brought him to this room, right?

Everything before is just a blur.
He remembers something about a Quirk making him "like this" and... and what?

He knows dolls shouldn't be able to move or think or anything... so why is he...

Then he takes a good look around at all the Hero toys and it clicks.

Ah, so Kacchan is a doll of some Hero that was
brought to life by a Quirk! And Deku was talking to that man with the scarf to make sure Kacchan could stay with him even if he isn't inanimate anymore!

Deku still wants him even though he isn't just a doll anymore!

... Doesn't he?

For some reason, this thought makes his
insides hurt, like the little sleeve in him is trying to twist itself into a knot around the dildo Deku put in him.

Kacchan isn't stupid. He can see he's different from all the other toys on the shelves from the colors to the hair the little felt grenade-shaped things that
went around his wrists.

He was probably Deku's favorite, and he's ruining it by being "alive", even if it was that Quirk's fault.

"Kacchan? Are you... crying?"

He jolts in his place, tilting his head up to see Deku looking down at him in shock, and he quickly wipes at the
wetness seeping through the holes in his button eyes.

When he pulls his hands away, the shock on Deku's face has been replaced with confusion and curiosity.

"How in the -" he doesn't bother finishing the sentence, reaching down to poke at one of Kacchan's eyes and his eyebrows
fly up when he reflexively closes it.

A grin spreads across the freckled face and Kacchan once again finds himself in front of the mirror staring confusedly at his reflection until Deku pokes at his eye again and-

Oh. Okay, that was weird.

Kacchan does it himself this time,
watching as the four little holes in each button shift up and down the plastic, the little black thread X's that make up his pupils turning into horizontal lines as his vision cuts off.

He can *blink*.

He doesn't really understand what's so exciting about it himself, but he
decides it doesn't really matter as long as it makes his Deku happy.

And judging from the excited chatter and rapidly texting someone after *flinging* himself onto the bed, Deku is *quite* happy about this.

He sits next to Deku as he taps away on his phone, demonstrates his
newfound blinking ability for him when he turns the camera towards him, and crawls up to lay on the boy's chest while they wait for the response.

Deku gently strokes Kacchan's hair for a moment before speaking up.

"Hey, Kacchan, why were you crying? You can tell me..."
Kacchan flinches, curling in on himself as best he can despite the hard silicone cock inside him.

Deku props himself up on his elbows, just enough to grab the notebook he'd been using to record the various traits of Kacchan's body now that he's alive, holding it open to a blank
page and handing Kacchan the pen.

It takes a couple tries, but Kacchan finally manages to write out "Deku doesn't mind Kacchan like this? Deku wouldn't rather Kacchan be just a doll?"

Deku's face looks downright horrified and drops the book to the side, hugging him tightly to
his chest, and when he pulls him up to look him in the eye, his face is deadly serious, eyes glowing faintly in the dim light of the room.

"Kacchan don't you *ever* think like that again! I like you as you are now. Lots of people do! No *doll* could ever compare to Kacchan!"
He... he likes him like this? He doesn't mind that Kacchan isn't just a doll anymore?

Kacchan feels something like the warm fuzziness that filled his head that morning, but now it's in his chest and he can feel the tears leaving his eyes again as Deku hugs him close.
If his Deku likes Kacchan like this, then he'll do his best to stay like this for as long as he can!
"Kacchan~! I'm home~!"


Kacchan bounds off the bed, faceplanting against the carpet before scrambling to his feet and making a break for the front door of Deku's apartment.

No, wait, *their* apartment.

Kacchan still doesn't get why Deku's so adamant about
considering things he alone paid for to belong to *both* of them, but Kacchan does his best to try and keep up with one of the few things Deku asks of him.

Speaking of which...

"Were you good for your Hero while he was out?" Deku's warm voice and smile makes Kacchan's face heat
up as he nods with a smile.

Once the man gets his boots off and set neatly next to Kacchan's little ones, he reaches down for the doll who already has his arms in the universal position for "UP, PLEASE!"

Kacchan snuggles into the crook of Deku's neck as his owner happily tells
him about his day.

No major fights apart from a small scuffle downtown, a couple kitty-stuck-in-tree-level emergencies, all around a peaceful day.

Deku offhandedly jokes that he probably could have spent the day at home with Kacchan and the doll just rolls his little eyes.
They both know Deku would never pass up a day of work, *just in case* something happened on the *one* day he decided to take off.

The only time Deku considered taking time off work was when someone had broken into their last apartment to try and steal his rare All Might merch
to make a buck, and even then the Hero settled for just having Auntie Inko check in on Kacchan to make sure he was safe.

Kacchan adores Auntie Inko. Her hugs are warm and soft like Deku's and she never asks why he starts crying sometimes and sometimes she even brings over
little Kacchan-sized versions of Hero costumes.

His favorite is the "Deku mk.1" hoodie he's wearing now, with the eyeholes in the hood he can pull all the way down over his face (Deku's own face had gone bright red when he came home that day to a little red-eyed plush version of
his highschool first-year self.)

Despite all this, though, Kacchan still loves Deku the most.

He loves how Deku can practically read his mind after so long together, he loves how he makes sure there isn't a single thing in hi-THEIR apartment that isn't Kacchan-accessible, he
loves how Deku lets him fill himself up with his cock every night, letting the waistband of his sweatpants hold Kacchan snug against him as they both drift off to sleep...

"Kacchan? Are you listening, or-" Deku's voice cuts through Kacchan's thoughts, startling him, and he has a
*knowing* look on his face as he pulls the doll away from his shoulder, holding him up with one hand, his scarred thumb hovering over the tiny bulge in his green shorts.

"-were you thinking about something *else*?"

His thumb isn't even *touching* and Kacchan already feels close
to cumming.

He hasn't had to directly press the bump in his tummy to cum in maybe five years, and while he's proud of having one more trait that makes him better than any other doll, it also makes it harder to avoid cumming without permission.

For some reason, being held up in
just one of Deku's hands also makes him hard and wet.

He squeezes his eyes shut and nods, snapping back open at the sound of a dark chuckle and the feeling of the very tip of his thumb pressing his tent down, down, down until-
Kacchan throws his head back mind blank and hips twitching against the thumb holding him in place.

They'd learned quickly that pressing his cock in until it pops into his body does two things.

First, it prevents him from cumming at all.
Second, it makes a feeling like he's cumming nonstop spread throughout his whole body, distracting him from anything that isn't that wonderful feeling and his Deku's voice.

He's so enthralled he doesn't even notice as Deku carefully pulls off his little green outfit until the
man lets out a giggle.

Kacchan manages to muster a pout at the man despite the electric sensation running through him urging him to let it go.

To his credit, Deku at least tries to get his laughter under control, smiling. "Sorry, Kacchan, you're just so cute with your little

Kacchan has just enough time to wonder what the heck Deku's talking about before the same thumb from before presses against his OH, his cock had started to pop back out again!

He hears Deku cooing his name as he starts gently pressing it in and out again, just like
he does with his cock in Kacchan's bigger hole and that thought has Kacchan looking up at Deku, hoping that his pleading little button eyes will be enough to get across what he needs.

Thankfully it is, Deku grinning and murmuring that Kacchan's ready for him which doesn't make
any sense because Kacchan's supposed to always be ready for Deku? Kacchan's *made* for his Deku, after all, *made* to be fucked by his Deku, NEEDS to be filled up by his Deku-

He trembles in anticipation as a thick finger slides into him, hooking around the little ring buried in
his belly and slowly pulling down, letting Kacchan feel the rubber plug slide against his insides as Deku pulls it out.

Kacchan presses his numb little mitten hands against his head, his throat, his chest and can't help the tears from welling up.
He feels so *wrong* once it's all the way out, the awful empty feeling even overshadowing the feeling of his Deku still thumbfucking his inside-out cock. Kacchan shouldn't *ever* be empty like this, he was MADE to be filled up!

Thankfully, his Deku notices his distress and
starts shushing him and wiping away his tears and promising he'll fill him up nice and good just like Kacchan likes, see?

Kacchan feels himself being lowered and suddenly has a very hard time not squirming as he feels the soft, twitching, already-leaking head of his Deku's dick
press against his hole.

It's so much bigger now, but Kacchan's never once felt any pain from it, his hole stretching easily around it every time, even though they're both pretty sure satin isn't supposed to stretch that far.

As his Deku slowly slides Kacchan down onto him, his
left hand gently cradling Kacchan's head and his right thumb now pressing Kacchan's inside-out dick against his own, Kacchan decides what his fabrics are and aren't "supposed" to do isn't important.

What *is* important is how his insides softly but firmly wrap around his Deku's
dick even without Kacchan telling them so do so, and the short gasp he pulls out of the man when he crosses his own arms over his chest and gives a squeeze right as he can feel the head pass through.

Deku can't help but jerk his hips up in surprise, and Katsuki is greeted with
the familiar warm fuzzy feeling that he only ever gets from having Deku's cock fully buried in him, the precum leaking out of the tip already pooling inside his head.

He feels his Deku's grip on him tighten the way he knows it does when trying not to cum right away, and as much
as Kacchan wants to have his head filled up, he knows better than to try and force it.

Deku can't cum as many times in one go as he used to, and Kacchan wants this to last as long as possible for both of them.

So he closes his eyes, leaning his head back into his Deku's warm
hand as the man gets his breathing under control and slowly begins sliding Kacchan up, up, up, until all but the head was out of him, and then just as slowly pressing back in with a grunt.

Kacchan does his best to stay still, pulling his feet up and gripping them with his
trembling little mitten hands to keep from pressing at the head of Deku's thick cock as it nears his own.
"Kacchan," Deku breathes his name out as the tip presses against the elastic ring where the bottom of his head meets his short neck.

Kacchan cracks an eye open to look at his owner, his head propped up by the pillows of their bed.

Kacchan used to be surprised whenever they'd
seem to "teleport" to another room whenever he got too lost in his own pleasure, but now he simply rolls with it. He trusts his Deku with all his little heart to keep him safe no matter where they are.

And it's because of this trust that he keeps his eyes open when Deku asks him
to, staring deep into his Deku's beautiful green eyes as the man starts sliding him up and down again, increasing his speed little by little and teasing Kacchan's insides.

Deku bobs his thumb up and down like Kacchan's inside-out cock is a finger puppet and not *quite* pushing
his cock all the way into him, just enough to make his throat bulge out and his head not-quite swim, until the man can't take it anymore.

Deku lifts Kacchan up, almost completely off him again, and pulls his thumb out, giving Kacchan just a second of crystal-clear thought before
plunging him back down all the way and cumming into him, filling Kacchan's head completely and causing Kacchan's mind to go blank again as he cums for real this time, his own white fluids splattering against his Deku's freckled abs and broad chest.

After a moment to catch his
breath, Deku gives a heavy sigh and starts to pull the now completely limp Kacchan off of him.

Kacchan's never gotten a straight answer as to why Deku always looks so *sad* after they're done.

He thought it might be because he can't suck the cum out of him like he'd seen in the
videos he found on Deku's laptop back in highschool, but Deku always promised Kacchan his sadness wasn't because of anything Kacchan can or can't do.

It doesn't stop Kacchan from closing his eyes when Deku's cock slowly travels down him and pretending the sensation is one of him
swallowing down Deku's entire load and smiling blissfully as he imagines what it would be like for the fuzzy heat in his head to be resting in his belly instead.

He feels Deku pick him up and carry him to the bathroom to wipe him down and reinsert his plug to keep his cum where
it belongs, and between the warm swishing in his head, large hands gently rubbing all over his body, and soothing voice of his owner telling him how good he was today, Kacchan can't stay awake anymore.
"It's called 'guilt', ya know."

Kacchan jumps briefly, before taking in his surroundings and flopping back into the lap under him.

The weird dream again. With the weird human version of him.

"Tch," Human-Kacchan scoffs, but puts his arms around Kacchan's waist, resting his
chin on his fluffy head.

Human-Kacchan, or "Katsuki" as he insisted on being called, used to be a lot meaner and scarier, saying things that didn't make any sense about wanting to be a Hero and how Kacchan was in his way, but as more and more years passed, the fight left him.
Now he's like a weird big brother that lives in Kacchan's mind, that Kacchan can only talk to when his head is totally filled up with Deku's-

"DUDE! SERIOUSLY! You KNOW how I feel about that!" Katsuki barks at him, and Kacchan smirks at his "brother's" embarrassment.
Kacchan is bigger in the dream (or Katsuki is just smaller than most other humans. Sense of scale who?), so Katsuki's swat to his shoulder does little more than amuse him, but then he actually thinks about what Katsuki said.

'Guilt'? What's that?

He squirms around until he's
facing Katsuki, who already has that thoughtful look he gets on his face when he's trying to figure out how to explain something to Kacchan. His cheeks turn pink and he clears his throat before speaking.

"Well... you know how you, uh, felt *bad* that you can't suck Deku's dick
like the girls in his videos?" Katsuki's face is getting redder with every word, but Kacchan just nods, used to Katsuki's reaction to anything relating to Deku's private parts, "well, it was the same kind of *bad* you felt when you couldn't stop that guy from stealing some of
Deku's All Might merch, right?"

Kacchan thinks about it and yup, just *thinking* about either gives him the same awful, cold, twisty feeling in his tummy, like someone filled his squeaker with ice water.

Katsuki hugs him close, and it helps him calm down.
"THAT is called guilt," he says, "feeling bad because you can't or didn't do something you feel like you should have... Especially when you could have..." Katsuki's voice trails off and Kacchan feels the hug tighten before something wet lands on his head.

He's confused until he
feels Katsuki give a shuddering huff and start trembling.


Kacchan doesn't know why Katsuki's suddenly started crying now or how to make it better, and just hugs him as hard as he can since it's the only thing he can think of.

Katsuki keeps crying, his sobs sometimes
sounding almost like laughs, for what feels like hours before he finally calms down enough to pull away and wipe his eyes.

Kacchan sits back in Katsuki's lap, propping himself up on his knees. What on earth made him cry like that all of a sudden?

"That's guilt too," Katsuki
answers Kacchan's thoughts, his voice ragged. "If you can't apologize for the thing you feel guilty for, it builds up in you. And the more it builds up, the more painful it becomes."

Kacchan stares at Katsuki, stunned. Katsuki's been hurting for all this time? What is it Katsuki
feels so guilty about?

Katsuki winces at the last question, looking down at the misty not-floor of the dream. "I... said and did a lot of awful stuff when I was... well, before you happened. And... I never got to say sorry. I could have, but I-" his eyes start watering again,
"I was such a stupid, selfish little shit! I never even *tried* to apologize! And by the time I actually cared enough to, I-!"

He goes silent before falling to the side, cheek pressed to the ground and eyes staring blankly ahead as the tears stream straight down.
"I can't. I'm just stuck here. Probably forever. Fuck, I'm basically a ghost. Unfinished business and all..."
Kacchan reaches down to pet Katsuki's head, again not sure what else to do that could help him.

"The only thing you could do, you already decided you *wouldn't* do back when you first met Deku."

Kacchan cocks his head to the side. He honestly can't remember making any sort of
major decision he'd made in his whole "life".

Though to be fair, the day he "met" Deku *had* been a little over ten years ago-

"Fifteen." Kacchan blinks down at Katsuki. "Today was your fifteenth birthday. You're now exactly one year younger than I was when I-AAAH!?"
Kacchn knows it's rude to interrupt, but he can't resist yanking Katsuki up into his arms for a hug so startling the two tumble right back over, Katsuki faceplanting directly into the center of the big orange X on Kacchan's shirt (another oddity of the dream; the two only ever
wore their Hero costumes here, though they'd always discard things like the masks and gauntlets within a minute.)

"Wff vvt rwwy nffwffwwy?" Katsuki's muffled voice asks from where it's buried, and after taking a moment to figure out what the heck he'd even said ("was that
really necessary?") Kacchan beams and nods.

Katsuki remembered Kacchan's birthday! Even KACCHAN didn't remember Kacchan's birthday!

Kacchan feels his belly heat up where Katsuki heaves a sigh into him before climbing a little further up to rest his head under Kacchan's chin.
He can feel the smirk on his human doppelganger's face as he chuckles. "Yeah, yeah, happy birthday to you and all that. Mine'll be in a couple days, not that I actually age anym-HOR!"

At least Katsuki managed to get the whole sentence out this time before getting the air hugged
out of him. Kinda.

Besides, Kacchan is so excited! How did he go this long without knowing how close their birthdays are so close to each other!?

He wonders if there's anything he can do for Katsuki's day... but what does Katsuki want?

He hears a scoff from below and holds the
pouting boy above him to look him in the eye.

There's... quite the mix of feelings in there. Katsuki's eyes are even more expressive than Deku's and Inko's, sure, but this is a lot even for him.

Kacchan narrows his eyes and tilts his head trying to parse through it all ("You
know your eye-threads turn heart-shaped when you do that? 'Cause they do,") and ultimately concludes that there *is* something Kacchan could do for him, but Katsuki just doesn't want to tell him what it is, a hint of that nasty "guilt" visible in his eyes.
Katsuki averts his gaze. "It's not like it's objectively *bad* or anything... It's just... you're obviously happy with Deku and... well... DJAAGH, could you at least let me go!? It's hard enough to say this shit *without* getting stared down by a giant doll version of myself!"
Kacchan tilts his head in confusion but complies, setting Katsuki back down against his chest and the 16(30?)-year-old heaves a sigh into him, wrapping his arms around him to make sure he doesn't try that again.

Why on earth would Kacchan being happy with Deku have an effect on
whether or not Katsuki feels like he can tell Kacchan his birthday wish... Unless-?!

"I'm not interested in fucking him."

... Welp, Kacchan's out of ideas.
Katsuki lets out a loud snort that quickly turns into quite possibly the first burst of laughter Kacchan's ever heard from him not tinged with even a *hint* of annoyance or sadness.

"Dear lord, your mind is the *weirdest* mix of innocence and depravity..." Katsuki manages to
wheeze out between giggles.

Kacchan beams and puffs up his chest, choosing to take that as a compliment.

"... But... that's the main reason why I'd rather just drop my 'wish' for good. If I got the one thing I really want, you'd..." Kacchan feels Katsuki make a face against his
chest, "You'd probably... disappear. Forever. In exchange. And you don't deserve that." He shivers like he's cold, and Kacchan wraps his arms around him as tight as he can.

So Kacchan would just be... *gone*? What would Katsuki get in exchange?

"My body back," he says simply.
Kacchan blinks in confusion.

Katsuki's... body...?

"Why do you think you've never seen any other dolls or merch that looks like you? You're literally one-of-a-kind. Because you were *made* out of *me*." Kacchan feels the way Katsuki's trembling, his voice a mix of angry and...
sad...? There must be a word for it, right?

"That's the guilt. *My* guilt," Katsuki grits out, still trying to help Kacchan understand things despite how awful he's feeling, "I... I'm tired of *being* here but I don't want to basically *kill* an innocent person just to-!"
He doesn't finish, collapsing back into Kacchan's chest and sobbing into the fabric.

Tears bubble up and out of Kacchan's eyes too as he finally understands.

He wasn't a normal doll to begin with. "He" was Katsuki, or just a part of him, and something happened to trap Katsuki
in here while Kacchan was out there without a clue.

That Villain's Quirk hadn't brought a doll to life, it had trapped a person in a doll body.

And without the ability to talk or a way to let people hear his thoughts like Katsuki can, no one could tell it wasn't the
real Katsuki behind the figurative wheel.

Even if he hadn't realized it, he'd still basically stolen *fifteen years* of Katsuki's life.

"Hey," Katsuki says, his voice rough and stuffy from crying for the second time this night, and he rolls off of Kacchan to sit up and look him
dead in the eye. "Don't you *dare* try to take the blame for this. The Child's Play Villain's the one who put me... put *both* of us through this. It's *her* fault, not yours. If nothing else, remember *that* when you wake up."
Kacchan stares blankly for a moment, letting his words sink in.

When he wakes up...?

Oh, shoot, that's right! This is just a dream! Darn it! Kacchan thumps his little Hero boots angrily against the "ground" in frustration.
He rarely retains more than one or two pieces of information whenever he wakes up after talking to Katsuki, and he usually focuses on interesting vocabulary words.

But! This is all SUPER IMPORTANT to remember! He HAS to remember it all!
"Dude, don't strain yourself. You'll make your head explode or something."

Kacchan doesn't care! He can just get Deku to sew him back together like the time with the bonzai trimmers!

Katsuki finally loses his composure, letting out a sputtering cackle and pressing his palm to
his face. "Well, I guess that *proves* you really are a part of me... Stubborn li'l shit..."

Darn right he is! And if he can't remember all the things, he'll make sure to remember the stuff that'll make him curious enough to look it up online while Deku's at work!
"Kacchan," the doll jumps a bit. That's the first time Katsuki's said his name!

Katsuki rolls his eyes and pulls Kacchan back into his lap like he always does when Kacchan's dreams are about to end. "Well, it's a special occasion. I'm telling you right now, I don't mind if I'm
stuck here a while longer. Honestly, just telling you the truth was a huge weight off my chest."

And the crying and hugging?

"Pffft-! Yeah, the crying and hugging helped, too," Katsuki assures him, smooshing his cheek into Kacchan's hair.

Kacchan feels the odd tingling
sensation he knows comes with waking up and closes his eyes, trying to focus.

Remember the Child's Play Villain, remember Kacchan's a real person, remember... remember... remember...
Remember what?

Kacchan blinks slowly, turning over and shivering slightly when he hears the quiet splash of fluid in his head.

Mmm, still some left. His Deku really did fill him up good last night.

It was like he was doing it for some special reason, but what could it be...?
Come to think of it, where even *is* Deku? Did an emergency happen at work or-?

Time to find out!

Kacchan gets up and totters his way over to the little rope ladder Deku had set up leading from the bedframe to the nightstand where Deku always leaves his notes for Kacchan if
he has to leave before the doll can wake up.

And sure enough, Kacchan spies the note, on a sheet as big as he is, resting right in front of the alarm clock (that frankly hasn't woken anyone up in ten years.)
[Good morning, Kacchan! Sorry I couldn't be here when you woke up, but I got a call for something important at work (can't tell anyone what it is, sorry!)

I might be gone overnight, but I'll be back in time for your birthday. Promise!

XOXO Deku]
Kacchan tilts his head. His... birthday? But... wasn't *yesterday* his birthday?

Wait, why does he even know that? And if it's true, then why is Deku saying his birthday isn't for a couple more days?

Kacchan feels a sharp *pain* in his head, but he does his best to ignore it.
Could Deku have gotten Kacchan's birthday mixed up with someone else's? Kacchan supposes that could be the case, but whose did he get mixed up with?

Another small prickle arcs across his head as he thinks 'someone I know', and it occurs to him that the pain, while obviously,
well, *painful*, also seems to be guiding him towards the answer.

It takes several minutes of playing warmer/colder with himself before he finally knocks down the last blockade in his own mind to get at the truth.

Katsuki. It's *Katsuki's* birthday that's coming up. And poor
Deku doesn't even realize Kacchan isn't even really the one turning... seventeen? Or is it technically thirty-one? Kacchan isn't really sure what Katsuki's age counts as right now, but what he *does* know is what Katsuki wanted for his birthday.
But how to make it happen?

What was it Katsuki had said? Something about a decision Kacchan made when he and Deku first met?

Kacchan remembers having a conversation with Deku, scribbling into the notebook Deku used to keep track of Quirk effects... maybe the book has a clue?
Kacchan *really* hopes that Deku's mission keeps him overnight.

He'll *need* the extra time to put away all the books that scattered across the floor after he tipped over the entire box, but at least he found the right one, its scorched cover making it stand out from the rest.
Finally getting to the page covering "Child's Play" (and wincing through another bolt of pain,) Kacchan carefully reads over the text, both Deku's notes and Kacchan's half of their conversation.
[Deku doesn't mind Kacchan like this? Deku wouldn't rather Kacchan be just a doll?]

The fabric of Kacchan's palm is surprisingly loud against his face, and for the first time that morning he can't tell if the pain in his head is from the remembering in general or from realizing
that all this (well, *most* of it,) could have been avoided depending on his word choice.

A *definite* contributing factor to it is the lack of any clear "how-to-undo-the-thing" instructions anywhere on the pages relating to Child's Play.
But Katsuki has always had a crazy good memory, and he seemed pretty certain the key to returning him to normal was in *the promise he made to Deku*, which means that this last block of half-legible text is his best bet.

Deku had, Kacchan guesses, mistaken him for Katsuki, so
that means that he'd read Kacchan's questions as coming from a human turned into a doll, not a doll come to life.

Kacchan shivers when he realizes how "Katsuki" asking if Deku wanted him to be "just a doll" probably sounded to him, but tries to ignore it.
Deku had... gotten pretty defensive, insisting that Kacchan (or rather, Katsuki,) is just fine the way he is, and Kacchan... what had he done?

His head is *aching* now and he's *sure* it means he's getting close.

He's practically burning holes into the page with his little
button eyes when it finally clicks.

He'd promised he'd *stay the way he was*.

He thought it meant not "returning" to being an empty, lifeless doll but...

His head throbs again, and he could swear he hears something make a popping sound somewhere inside him.
He squeezes his eyes shut.

Here goes nothing.

'I don't want Bakugo Katsuki stuck as a doll anymore. I want him to come back! As a real human person!'

For a moment, nothing happens, and Kacchan cracks an eye open.

Was that not what he was suppo

His thoughts are cut off mid-sentence and he feels a blinding surge of pain as his head tears wide open from the inside.

One of his eyes pops off, clattering against a wall and he can hear a quiet thump (or maybe a loud one, and his ears are failing him?) as he crumples
to the floor.

So... he did it wrong...? After all that...? he really couldn't...?

He wants to move, to get back up and try again, but...

'Sorry, Katsuki... You were right... I'm so sorry..."

((Holy shit I can't believe I just finished the longest segment of the story. True End is up next, guys!))
((And so the True End begins!))

((No major CWs for this one aside from some mild angst.))
Izuku practically slams his apartment door open, immediately calling "MOM!? KACCHAN!?"

As he'd thought, he had to leave his phone in his locker back at the agency during the entire mission which, again, as he'd thought, ended up taking well over 24 hours from beginning to end.
He'd asked his mom via text to check on Kacchan the night of the mission, just to make sure the little rascal didn't get into the bonzai gardening tools again.

Last time it resulted in Izuku's mom walking him through *how to sew a leg back on* over the phone.
This time the response was... less urgent, but something about the wording of "come back as soon as you possibly can", and the facts that one, the text arrived at *exactly* the time in the afternoon he'd asked his mom to swing by and two, *there were no texts or calls besides
that one* made him unable to *not* fear the worst.

Kacchan doesn't feel any sort of pain, and he's had to have his limbs and even his right eye reattached a number of times, but Izuku's always at least a little afraid that one day he'll be in pieces too small to put back
together again.

"We're in here, sweetie! Are you okay? You sound out of breath!"

Izuku relaxes with a shaky sigh at the sound of his mom's more-or-less calm voice. ("We", she'd said. That means Kacchan's okay. Just a false alarm.)

He sets about getting his suit off, having not
bothered to remove it before rushing home as quickly as he could.

His washing machine works better on his suit than the ones at work, anyway.
"I'm okay, mom! Just, uh, don't come around the corner, my suit's halfway off!"

He hears a quiet snort of laughter from the kitchen, and only now is he suddenly aware of the mouthwatering scents hanging in the air.

Whatever he's smelling, it sure has a lot of spice to it.
His mom peeks around the corner at him, an eyebrow raised, and asks if he plans to stand there half-dressed all evening or to go get himself cleaned off before dinner is ready.
One relaxing, well-deserved hot shower later, Izuku strolls into the dining room area (or rather his and Kacchan's combination indoor garden area and reading nook that *happens* to feature a table one could feasibly dine at,) and closes his eyes as he breathes in the smell of
whatever spices are being used in tonight's dinner so deeply that he feels a bit lightheaded. It smells *fantastic* and he says as much, asking his mom what exactly she's cooking.

"Me? I'm not cooking anything tonight. Katsuki *insisted* he not be 'babied' his first time cooking
in... how many years?"

Izuku opens his mouth to reply, but another voice cuts him off.

"Fifteen years and two days, Auntie."
The apartment is quiet for all of a second before Izuku's body moves so fast he slams right into his own fridge hard enough to accidentally dent the handle.

There he is.

Just as Izuku remembers.


"Hold it," the blonde holds up a finger without looking before
lowering his hand back down.

Izuku watches, slack-jawed as Kacchan picks up the tiny saucer next to him, spoons a small amount of the enticingly sweet, spicy whatever-it-is in the pot into it, and takes a sip, and Izuku has to remind himself both that breathing is important and
that HIS MOM IS RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM as Kacchan's faintly visible Adam's apple bobs down. And again when he smirks.

"You know, you keep looking at *me* like that, poor Kacchan over there's gonna get lonely," he jerks his head back, and Izuku's gaze follows the motion's
direction until it comes to a stop on... doll-Kacchan?

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is currently the #3-ranked Pro Hero.

He has dealt with murderous Villains and drug dealers and most recently (as in, *last night* recently) busted a twisted underground gambling ring that used human
lives as playing chips (except for the lives of the gamblers themselves, of course.)

Basically, he's been through a lot, and would like to think he has nerves of at *least* iron, if not steel.

And WITH those nerves of any given heavy metal, one would assume that the sight of a
little doll, specifically the one that he's watched casually walking around his apartment for years, standing up to wave at him *wouldn't* rattle him.

One would also be dead wrong.

How are there two Kacchans!? Granted one's the original and one's the plush doll but they're BOTH
up and moving around not that he's complaining or anything but-

"Oi, Deku! Try *breathing* for a sec, your face is turning blue!"
Deku looks up(!!!) at human-Kacchan from the spot where he's fallen to the floor, taking a few fridge magnets and takeout menus with him and does his best to follow his advice.

He... really does look *just* like he did the day he was turned into a doll, the only change being a
somewhat tired look to his eyes and-

"Are those my clothes?"
He hears his mom spit out her tea giggling, and both Kacchans facepalm at the same time.

"Uh, yeah? After 15 years, I was *desperate* for something that wasn't my Hero costume. No offense, Kacchan," he adds as doll-Kacchan hops down to the floor and totters over.

Izuku blinks.
"Wait... You're calling *him* Kacchan?" he asks as the doll starts gathering up all the magnets from the fridge.

"Yup. He's 'Kacchan' and I'm 'Katsuki'. Ya know, to keep things simple," Kacch-er-*Katsuki* answers.

Okay, that makes sense.

In fact, it arguably makes more sense
than anything else that's happening right now. Izuku's pretty sure he didn't forget to breathe again, but he still feels lightheaded.

It'd be one thing if *Katsuki* was just *back* now, it would certainly explain his mom's text if she'd arrived only to see him back in the flesh,
after all, but *Kacchan* is still here, so how...?

Something loud clacks next to his ear, jolting him out of his thoughts.

He looks to the side and then to his right knee where Kacchan is pouting up at him, gearing up to throw another magnet.

Katsuki chuckles from back in
front of the stove, pulling down some bowls from the cabinet above. "He says 'You're thinking too much. Eat first, answers later.'"
A little over an hour later, Izuku's mom has gone home after promising Katsuki she wouldn't tell his parents until he gives her the green light.

None of them are sure how Auntie Mitsuki is going to react but general consensus is it will involve a LOT of yelling before anything
else, and Katsuki isn't really up for that just yet.

They've also decided it'd be best to at *least* get Katsuki his own clothes before letting anyone else see him, as his borrowed shorts keep slipping down his ass.

And speaking of which...
Katsuki and Kacchan had mercifully withheld the details of what Izuku *did* with Kacchan at least twice a week when explaining how Katsuki had spent pretty much the entire past 15 years semi-vicariously experiencing life through Kacchan, who also just happened
to be the only one
he actually interacted with directly (in Kacchan's dreams).

But now that the three of them are alone, Katsuki gives him the additional embarrassing details.

like how the only dreams they could meet in were the ones Kacchan had after being filled up with Izuku's jizz.
Izuku's face immediately goes beet red and Kacchan doubles over, his little hands over his mouth and shaking in silent laughter.

Katsuki rolls his eyes and waits for them both to calm down before continuing on, discussing how his odd one-way mental link with Kacchan works (as
far as he knows,) how disorienting it had been to suddenly *explode* out Kacchan's head the other day, fully kitted out in his old Hero costume ("How did you not see my boots at the front door when you came in?" "I WAS TIRED AND WORRIED ABOUT KACCHAN OKAY?" "... Kacchan says he
'loves you too, dummy'.")

And of course, then came the subject of Katsuki *freaking out* at the thought that he really had killed Kacchan, and the fact that he Totally Did Not scream like a little girl when the doll stood up despite its mostly-shredded head and mummy-walked
towards him.

"So even with that much damage, Kacchan was okay..." Izuku murmurs.

"Weeeell, kinda yeah, kinda no," Katsuki winces with a glance at his counterpart.

"The eye that popped off his face split in two when it hit the wall, and kind of A LOT of his head was in
pieces way too small to just sew back together. You owe Auntie Inko about 3K yen for all the stuff we needed to patch him up, by the wa- What, he does! Stop that!" Katsuki glares down at Kacchan who'd started smacking him with the notebook.

Izuku can't help but chuckle at their
antics, though it fades when he comes to the realization.

"Hey, Katsuki... What are you gonna do now?"

"Well, first, I'm gonna take this book," Katsuki yanks it out of Kacchan's (admittedly probably not very strong) grasp and holds it out of his reach, "and NOW I'm gonna ask
you to be more specific," he finishes by giving Izuku a pointed look.

"Well, I mean, you're *back* now, but you're still basically sixteen-"


"-Seventeen, right, and it's not like I ever brought you, or Kacchan rather, to class with me, so you'd probably *have* to
go back to school..."

"Well, yeah *obviously*." Katsuki rolls his eyes. "Deku, you don't seriously think the last 34 hours of my life have just been fixing Kacchan and chatting up your mom, do you?"

Izuku's eyebrows fly up. It had completely slipped his mind that Katsuki's been
back for a little over a day now. What *had* he been doing in that time?

"Well, aside from finally cleaning up that disaster zone you've been calling a home office for the past three years, I took the time to check and see if I *can* go back to school, *any* school at this
point, and get this," Katsuki opens up the notebook and pulls out a couple printed-out sheets he'd slipped into the pages. "As long as I have the approval of a 'close friend or family member' and can prove I'm the real me and not just some shapeshifter or whatever, I can start
over from where I left off at the beginning of the next school year. Same school, same class, same year."

Izuku pours over the pages, which basically contain a wordier version of the information Katsuki just gave, until his vision starts wavering from the tears bubbling up.
Katsuki still has to wait until next Spring to actually start, but...

He can still go back to UA. He can still be a Hero! After all this time-

"Oh, boy. Here we go," Izuku hears Katsuki mumbling as the blonde manages to snatch the pages out of his hands just before the
floodgates open and Katsuki and Kacchan both find themselves crushed into the happily sobbing Pro Hero's chest.
About a week later, a single tweet appears on Pro Hero Deku's personal Twitter.

A selfie of a grinning blond boy with eyeliner that could kill a man and a smirking plush doll version of him sitting on his shoulder "Guess who's finally back, bitches?"
By that afternoon, it's already common knowledge that Katsuki Bakugo is no longer a stuffed toy and will be reentering the UA Hero course the following year.

It's *also* common knowledge that he'd been living with Pro Hero Deku, though Katsuki and Kacchan are quick to explain
that it was in the interest of keeping him safe in his relatively vulnerable state, and because they've known each other since diapers unlike the other Heroes in the Top Five.

By that evening, things have mostly calmed down, though a second mini-wave of excited reactions flood
Deku's DMs from their former classmates (which Katsuki politely leaves alone because they're *Deku's* DMs, not his,) and when Deku finally returns home, he has to do so through the fire escape window to avoid the reporters.
Well, he tries to, at least.

Katsuki's cackle rings out through the apartment as he cuts off the audible shouting on the phone.

"Mom, I gotta go- ... No, I- ... MOM, DEKU'S STUCK IN THE WINDOW! ... I'm not making excuses, he's *actually* stuck! ... Well, yeah, I'm *planning* to
as soon as I hang up! ... Okay, yeah... Love you, too. Tell Dad I said hi when he wakes up. Bye."

Deku gives Katsuki an "are you kidding me" look as the "teen" turns the phone's camera toward him, to which Katsuki simply shrugs with a not-even-remotely apologetic grin.
"Mom says 'pics or it didn't happen'."

After firing off the picture and getting Mitsuki's approval, Katsuki finally helps dislodge the tank of a Hero with minimal damage to the window frame.

"So Auntie Mitsuki finally found out... along with the entire rest of the world..."
"Yup. Apparently Dad fainted when he found out, too. Poor guy," this time, Katsuki's smile actually *does* look apologetic.

"On the upside, Mom gave me the okay to stay with either you or Auntie Inko 'til I head back to UA."
"Oh? I don't recall offering to let you stay..." Deku replies, but Katsuki just scoffs and strides over, tilting his head back to look him in the eye.

"Deku. When you and Kacchan... *did your thing* last night? I could *feel* it."

Katsuki didn't know it was possible for color
to both flood and drain from one's face simultaneously, but here they are.

"S-so, uh, w-what does that have to do with, ah-"

"*Everything*," Katsuki cuts him off.
((CW: kinda-sorta underage-ish; Katsuki and Deku are both 31 now but Katsuki still looks like a teenager while Deku has a build close to All Might and is about a foot taller than Katsuki.))
"It may have only been a sort of voodoo doll-ish sensory thing, but it doesn't change the fact that for the first time since the first night when Kacchan and I were still the same person that I *felt* you inside me," Katsuki moves closer, sliding his hands up Deku's firm biceps
and juuust barely brushes his abs against the steadily growing bulge in Deku's sweats.

"U-um, where *is* Kacchan right now, anyway?" Deku stammers out. For one thing, it's unusual for the little guy not to greet him when he arrives home. For another, it'd feel wrong to leave him
out of... what Katsuki seems to have in mind. Katsuki gives a soft chuckle and a downright affectionate smile that goes straight to Deku's cock.

"Grocery shopping with Auntie. To see if our connection drops if he's too far away."


"Nope," Katsuki answers, planting
his hands on Deku's shoulders to pull himself up high enough to grind into him. "Can still hear him loud and clear. You mind helping me distract myself? There's something Kacchan's always wanted to do with you, and frankly, I wanna take a crack at it too."
That could of course mean *anything*, but Deku is only human, so he heads for the bedroom, holding Katsuki up with a firm grip on his ass giving the smaller man free reign to grab and fondle and massage his pecs through the thin fabric of his Spring hoodie.
He almost drops Katsuki when he pinches a nipple, earning a quiet cackle from the blonde.

"Oh-hoh, so there *are* still some things I don't know about you!"

"K-Katsuki~" Deku whines as he feels teeth close around his other nipple through the fabric. He barely makes it to the
bed before dropping him for real and tearing off the shirt, his toned, tanned and scarred chest on full display.
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