Gulf in Love with Mew. A devastating thread 😭❤️😭

Gulfs eyes do not lie. It has been beautiful to watch their love blossom. He looks at Mew like he holds the sun, moon, and stars. I’m in love with the way he unashamedly, loudly, and unabashedly he has been showing his love and affection for Mew. He is truly the sweetest and the
Kindest. When I watched that live the other day and he showed his framed picture of him and Mew beside his bed I genuinely got ready eyed because he loves Mew so much 😭 I hope they stay happy and together forever ❤️ #MewGulf #GulfKanawut #MewSuppasit
Teary eyed. Not ready 🤦‍♀️
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