1. New York is adding "probably COVID-19" to its overall Coronavirus death totals. This means no test was done but a doctor feels a deceased patient "MAY" have had COVID-19. Now, New York is adding those 4,000+ types of deaths to their "confirmed" COVID-19 deaths.
2. But confirmed doesn't actually mean "confirmed". According to Dr. Birx and the CDC, if a patient tests positive for Coronavirus and dies, no matter what they died from, it is being ruled as a CONFIRMED Coronavirus death. All other causes of death are ignored in the cause code.
3. Democrats say using hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and not worth the risk because a year long study has not been performed on it in a lab. They refuse statements from 10's of thousands of medical professionals and the patients who beat COVID-19 by using hydroxychloroquine.
4. THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS, NEAR DEATH, SAVED BY HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE! Democrats say that "data" is not scientific and can't be trusted.

Yet, they'll accept a "belief" that COVID-19 symptoms MAY HAVE BEEN PRESENT as scientific enough to CONFIRM that a death was caused by COVID-19.
5. The Washington Post made a video that has literally backfired. Nearly double the number of thumbs down as thumbs up. Why? They accuse Donald Trump of being irresponsible for recommending hydroxychloroquine, but, it actually makes him look like a hero.
6. These liberal Democrats are telling you how ridiculous, unsafe and irresponsible it is to use hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19, they're fighting to let people die! Trump is encouraging the use of it and people's lives are being saved by the thousands. He is a hero!
7. This isn't just another 4 year election.


Trump is fighting against very sick people...people who wish for nothing less than TOTAL control over us.

This fight is against people who are willing to let you die to try to prove a point.
8. This is no different than throwing a rope to someone who is drowning. Some dumbass grabs the rope out of your hand and says "this rope is not for saving drowning people, it's for roping cows. It needs to be tested for this use before you deny cowboys their rope".
9. Yup, it's gonna burn your hands. Yup, it's going to leave marks on the skin. Yup, some cowboy won't get to use this rope.


Trump isn't leaving a shortage of hydroxychloroquine either. He's ordered it to be mass produced...and it's cheap!
10. The Washington Post video is full of lies and misleading statements. One "doctor" says you can't use hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 because you'll cause a shortage for people who take it for other life threatening conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

11. He said rheumatoid arthritis is a life threatening disease? See it at the 5:50 mark.

This is their expert?

Lupus is bad, but even the Lupus foundation says 80-90% of Lupus patients will live long lives. Lupus is not usually fatal.
12. How far would you go to save a life? What if it was your child or your spouse?

One Democrat lawmaker is alive today because Trump advocated hydroxychloroquine and she is telling the world.

The reporter still tried to discredit her story!

It's sick!
13. They've really got this tiger by the tail. They're dominating both ends of the spectrum. The exact same people telling us the entire world is at risk of dying from COVID-19, are also telling us the single best option for treatment, hydroxychloroquine, shouldn't be used!
14. What kind of agenda produces these types of extremes? How much do you want to bet if these people or someone very close to them, were laying in a hospital bed, dying of COVID-19, that they would BEG for a chance to try hydroxychloroquine?

You know they would!
15. What kind of person mounts such an overwhelming fear campaign for a disease, across the entire planet, then argues against the single best option for treatment of it?

This is not normal human behavior.

In my opinion, only greed and evil could get people to say such things.
16. Everybody knows Dr. Oz.

There is no doubt in my mind, he does NOT fit into the group that I described earlier. He is probably the most well known proponent in the medical field today for use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Listen to this!
17. What a difference. There's an excitement in his voice, a hope, encouragement to try and save as many lives as possible!

The people from the other video were negative, depressing, battling against hope.

Such a drastic difference.

Good vs Evil.

God bless


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