ICYMI yesterday the Australian gov took away the obligation for commercial networks to screen Australian drama, documentaries and children's TV.

This is something commercial networks have pushed for for a long time even though it harms Aus film and TV industry and jobs.
The Australian gov took away obligations for Aus doco, drama and kids TV under the guise of supporting media while what it actually does is hits the Aus film and TV industry hard when it has already seen such great loss.

Don't worry though they can still fill it with reality tv.
Please get around orgs like @withMEAA and Aus @Screen_Producer who are pushing for us to maintain and strengthen the Australian film and TV industry and keep telling Australian stories while supporting jobs and businesses.
What have you all being doing in self-isolation? Watched any tv, movies, docos, series?

Yeah that's what our industry does. And they do it well. Don't let the Australian tv and film industry disappear. Keep Australian jobs and storytelling alive.
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