The Out of Shadows doc has truth to it (rich pedophiles in power cities LA/DC etc) but it veers of into paranoid territory quite often and suggests Jesus is the cure for everything as if traditional religion hasn’t been used to subjugate and abuse countless children.
The problem with sloppy paranoid rambling is that it delegitimizes genuine inquiry into topics like human trafficking. The Franklin Scandal, Kincora Boys Home, North Fox Island, Epstein: all genuine cases of wealthy powerful pedophiles abusing kids w/ no consequences.
These docs tend to focus only on Hollywood and how people are being programmed/conditioned and that has elements of truth but every performance isn’t about trying to covert your kids to satanism. It’s about selling them sneakers and antidepressants.
The level of sexual blackmail and blackmail of all kinds in our political system is because our leaders are not trusted to sell us out immediately. They must be controlled by interests who cannot tolerate the Democratic process. That’s where lots of this originates: blackmail.
Billionaires and the companies that control don’t want some politician preventing them from earning billions more! So they need to control that person in some way. Sometimes it’s an easy as campaign donations, sometimes it’s a bit darker. LA and DC both have dark energies.
They’re both power cities where people use leverage often. These are cities where people quietly plot. NYC doesn’t have that energy because it’s largely about money. There’s a simplicity to that: you got it or ya don’t. Of course DC/LA money huge component but dark money!
Many entertainment companies LA floated by foreign capital, and much of the money is DC is disguised bc it’s flowing in and out of people’s pockets illegally, example: black budget projects government works on. So watch things carefully. But yes, to sum it up, we’re in trouble.
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