Alright folks, here it is, the official Greek Freak Jersey Thread:
1. Rob Gronkowski Patriots (White)
2. Tedy Bruschi Patriots (Blue) EXTREMELY LUCKY
3. Danny Amendola Patriots (Color Rush)
4. Malcolm Butler Patriots (Blue)
5. Tom Brady ☹ Patriots (Blue)
6. Rob Gronkowski Patriots (Not Sure What Kind of Jersey This is, Was a Gift lol)
7. Tom Brady Patriots (Super Bowl White)
8. Tim Tebow Broncos (Orange)
9. Alex Smith Redskins (Burgundy I Think?)

10. Adrian Peterson Vikings (Autographed, Purple)

11. Marshawn Lynch Seahawks (Super Bowl Blue)

12. Michael Irvin Cowboys (Retro White)
13. Joe Montana Notre Dame (Green)

14. Tim Tebow Florida (Blue)
15. Bobby Orr Bruins (Only Hockey Jersey, White)
16. Anthony Davis Hornets (Rookie, Yellow)

17. Vince Carter Raptors (90's Throwback, White)

18. Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks (Blue)

19. Kemba Walker Hornets (Turqoise I Think?)
20. Custom Anastasios Kilimos Celtics (Green, Yeah I Made My Own Jersey, so What???)

21. Custom Anastasios Kilimos Celtics (White, Yeah I Made TWO of My Own Jersey, so What????)
22. Jayson Tatum Celtics (Black)

23. Isaiah Thomas Celtics (White)

24. Larry Bird Celtics (White)

25. Rajon Rondo Celtics (Green)
26. Paul Pierce Celtics (Green)

27. Marcus Smart Celtics (Christmas Edition, Green)

28. Shaquille O'Neal Celtics (White, Yeah I Bet You Forgot About This One Huh?)

29. Paul Pierce Celtics (White, Yeah I Own Two Paul Pierce Jerseys, He Was My Favorite Player Leave Me Alone)
30. Giannis Antetokounmpo Greece National Team (Blue, Probably My Favorite Jersey Tbh)
31. Sokratis Borussia Dortmund (Black)

32. Diego Fagundez New England Revolution (Blue)

33. Eden Hazard Chelsea (Major Throwback with #17)

34. Plain Chelsea Jersey
35. Mohamed Salah Liverpool (Red, Not a Liverpool Fan was a Gift)

36. Panathinaikos FC Training Jersey (Blue)
37. Red Sox 2013 Championship Edition Nameless

38. JD Martinex Red Sox (Red)

39. Red Sox Nameless Red

40. Andrew Benintendi Red Sox (Blue)
41. David Ortiz Red Sox (White)

42. Ted Williams Red Sox 1939 Classic Jersey
That's it folks!! I'll update this thread with any new additions

I actually have 2 new jerseys coming in I already bought (Joe Burrow LSU and a Kobe USA Jersey) and a number of jerseys I am planning to get very soon
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