Y'ALL MY @ateyo_ SUPPLY DROP ARRIVED.... I LOVE THEM SO MUCH................

(Detailed thoughts in thread)
1. These sitters are so, SO comfortable, holy shit. I didn't realize at first that there were zippers on the pockets, but I think that just points to how thoughtfully they're designed - keeps you from sitting down and having your phone (or your pens or your keys) slip out.
2. At long last I have my black Zip-Up. I'm never wearing any other hoodie ever again.
3. Trevor did the puzzle before I did and finished it before I'd even finished unpacking everything, LOL. He's definitely more of a puzzle buff than I am, and according to him it's well cut and good quality.
4. The cookies are really buttery and nice. I haven't gotten around yet to decorating them, but they're great even without the icing.
5. Last but not least, this is a very small thing that I appreciated a lot - all tags were secured to clothes with little safety pins, instead of those white plastic t-tags that get lost in seams and stuff. Sustainability and reusability? A++.
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