The Liberals are in both enviable and unenviable position. Enviable because he who holds the pursestrings has a lot of power in these times. This leaves the Conservatives in particular gasping with frustration as they see Canadians of all walks being propped up. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ And those props are absolutely needed, without question. Unenviable because times are dire and no one really knows how this is going to play out. Globally. There is no playbook. It's experiment time and with that comes a lot of responsibility. /3
3/ Add the fact that we are a natural resource economy. And then there's the complete fiasco south of the border. Analysts in the wee hours on BNN EU comment that American policy is a mess. And the destruction of the world order under Trump continues apace. /4
4/ What policy the Trump administration has is directly related to the 2020 election and nothing else. The Americans are paying a very high price for their ballot decisions and dumb-*** healthcare system and they have yet to receive the full bill.
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