After the Democrats win in November, everything will come out.

(After Wisconsin, I have no doubt about the outcome of the election.)

Everything hinges on the election, which is why I'm hyperfocussed on that right now.
Things may come out sooner, of course.
In mid-May the Supreme Court will hear the case about Trump's tax records.

But between now and November, Trump is focused on hiding as much as he can.

But when a new administration is in place, you can expect all.
The White House doesn't have access to the court docs, and it's all there as well.
The stuff is too spread around.

In moments of doubt, go back and read Ben Wikler's thread on what happened in Wisconsin for what can happen when Democrats are motivated/
It's good to learn lessons, but sometimes we learn the wrong lessons, or over-learn a lesson.

The Democrats didn't lose because they were overconfident. . .
. . . they lost because they were hit by something they didn't expect, didn't understand, and didn't know how to handle.

The wrong lesson that I see people learning: It happened once so it will happen again.

We've learned a lot since 2016 . . .
This is 2020.

Very few metrics are the same.
Yes. There will be a new AG.

The evidence is spread out.

Banks have a lot of it. Right now they're (understandably) afraid of the president of the US.
For example, 👇
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