We are a few hours away from announcing our 2020 Scholars - and I am already getting questions about the 2021 cycle & COVID-19. The anxiety, I get it. Let's try to calm it - a thread: 1/6
We aren't going to be ghouls about the impact this is having on people. We would not punish people for things - pass/fail classes, cancelled internships, mothballed service projects, AN ENTIRE PANDEMIC - outside of their control. 2/6
We already have in place guidelines for our readers for next year. Our assumption is that everyone will be like Captain American or a Time Lord or an Old One (maybe not that last example). Just waiting in stasis until it is time to serve the public again. 3/6
We are also considering how to credit those who do things during this time - our EMTs, our military cadets, our food bank people. They deserve credit, but we can't fault the vast majority of applicants who, for whatever reason, cannot do more than just get through this. 4/6
We also know that a pass/fail semester won't help your GPA. But we weren't too worried about your GPA to begin with. Can you get into the grad school you want? Great. We're done with the GPA. We're still interested in the content of the transcript tho. 5/6
Anyway, if you are a potential Truman applicant - there are a million things to worry about, we shouldn't be one. Stay healthy and well and join us in being dazzled by the 2020 Scholars - just like we'll be dazzled by you next year! 6/6
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