I would like to share a little thread with the works of Otto Böhler. Böhler was an Austrian caricaturist and drew quite a few “Schattenbilder” (silhouettes) of famous musicians of his time;
First off; Bruckner behind his organ and Bruckner with Wagner
Böhler also depicted conductors in action, and a drawing showing various gestures of Mahler is one of his best-known works. Also, a picture of Hans Richter and of Wagner as conductor.
On a different note, he created a few humorous works, like this “performance of the Liszt piano version of the TannhĂ€user overture” during which the piano is essentially—well, floored.
Interestingly, Böhler depicted composers on either side of the “great divide” during the so-called War of the Romantics and depicted both Brahms and Bruckner‘s arrival in heaven; as well as poking fun at the struggle by putting Wagner and Hanslick in one picture.
Other notable images are of Siegfried Wagner, Edvard Grieg, Hans von BĂŒlow, Johann Strauss and others.
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