I'm not preparing for the end of civilization. I'm preparing for the beginning of a better one.
We aren't going back to a stone age, void of the pitfalls of modern life. There's no Eden to go back to. No reset.

I'm not planning for an end. I'm leaning into transformation.
Lots of wheels in motion right now that none of us have any real control over and those wheels have been moving for a while: the pandemic has only hastened the collapse of the fossil fuel industry. Our agricultural systems have been unsustainable and ecocidal for a long time.
Again, there are no silver linings. But we have to use this moment.

Treat it like a birth. Look for emergence. Support each other. Because it's going to be bumpy.
And it's bumpy because our collective leadership assumed the status quo would go on forever. We could have prepared for the end of oil, for this pandemic. None of this had to happen this way.

But here we are. What are we going to do about it?
I know it's scary. But the only difference between where I am and where many people are is that I've been doing climate work and related thinking for a few years longer. There are plenty of amazing people out there doing the same. Look for them for ways through.
We're living through a great tragedy and change. And even good change can be terrifying.

Be kind to yourself and others. We're part of a living planet and we're meant to love one another. That will not change.
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