Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt is a Khoja Muslim & Azeem Premji is a Daudi Bohra. Now you’re considering them when needed otherwise the Sunni’s say they’re not Muslims.
Videos of venders applying spit on vegetables are enough & not all Muslims aren’t like Yusuf Saab, Azeem Saab.
Cipla : Yusuf’s father, Khwaja Abdul (K.A.) Hamied (1898-1972), was born in Aligarh. His paternal grandfather Khwaja Abdul Ali (1862-1948) traced his lineage through spiritual guides to the Mughal emperors of India back to Khwaja Ubaidullah Ahrar (1403-1490)
...a great Naqshbandi Sufi in Uzbekistan. His grandmother Masud Jehan Begum (1872-1957) came from the family of Shah Shuja ul-Mulk, the pro-British Amir of Afghanistan (1803-1809 and 1839-1842), whose family fled to India after his assassination in an anti-British uprising.
All these gentlemen you’ve mentioned are way above all this nonsense that the Tablighi’s are carrying out all over the country. Don’t belittle them for your agenda. There are others like Late Kalaam Saab and Arif Mohammed Khan Saab, the Governor Kerala.
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