Made my niece & nephew cute little Easter baskets w/ stuff I ordered online from some fav. small businesses. Haven’t delivered baskets yet because of #SocialDistancing.
#AITA if I eat the chocolate rabbits out of their baskets? Probably, but how *much* of an asshat would I be? 🤔
I know that if I posted this on FB several people would have chimed in quickly to tell me not to take chocolate out of the mouths of children, so the fact that I posted it here is a very bad sign for those rabbits...
I have eaten the rabbits. Not feeling great about this decision. But I realized the 6yo had conned me into using some of my stimulus check to buy them each an expensive LEGO set, & used that as justification for eating the chocolate. Also donated to the Food Bank of the Rockies.
If you need me, I’ll be upstairs with my head under a blanket, feeling guilty & overly full of chocolate, & nursing the underlying problem: my lungs are really hurting again, because I had to talk a lot for work yesterday. Apparently I’m not as over COVID as I thought.
I have decided to watch one of the Star Wars prequels as punishment while I rest. But not Episode 1 — I don’t feel that guilty. Episode 3, I think.
Surprisingly enough, this thread has a happy ending! R brought home Torchy’s, flowers, new bunnies, & lots of chocolate!
Are the bunnies exactly the same as the ones I ate? I’ll never tell, but I finally found a ribbon for displaying our Enterprise pizza cutter.
I’m very lucky ❤️
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