Making a thread about hacking methods that people are selling and overpricing. For all those new people, those hacking methods dont usually work or arent effective. #ratszone
I literally see people trying to sell hacking methods to new people who are desperate, and the aint worth 10$
Methods, like wli, filling and email guessing, dont work or dont usually work 90% of the times. I see so many people trying to sell them for 2$, they arent worth it
Also, i see people trying to sell python based methods. For all these new people, python is a programming language, and yes, people made scripts which can actually hack an account. They are normally called, brute force attacks. And they are ridicoulus
People sell them for 10$ omfg. Its just a script that tries several passwords for u. And its called a dictionary attack. A REAL brute force attack, could take easily 7 BILLION YEARS to decrypt a password for a twitter account. Pls dont buy it for 10$ bc they dont work
I see people calling themselves hackers just bc they know how to enter 3 code lines. Pls, dont try to scam people when they dont know, and promise them they will hack an account in just 40 minutes. ALL THESE ARE FAKES.
And ofc, people who are desperate to hack an account, please note that these hacking stuff takes A LOT of time, not like 3 days. It could easily take 3 MONTHS. pls dont dm people saying ok can u hack me an account , i can give 15$, bc its frustrating to see people spamming --
-- your dms, trying to hack an account, and paying 15 trash $. Real hackers, charge at least 200$ for hacking a twitter account, so pls note it down
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