The following thread will show all of our posts dealing directly with #COVID19 to date. We hope these posts can bring about deeper reflection and a sense of solidarity and hope in this unpredictable and challenging time.
Kelly Johnson of @univofdayton relates the theme of the #CommonGood in CST to discuss the joy we can find interdependence during this time:

@geraldjbeyer’s post “Solidarity and Social Distancing” discusses the way #SocialDistanacing is an exercise of solidarity that promotes the #CommonGood.

“Belonging, Sacrifice, and #COVID19 “ moves to a discussion of #ShelterInPlace. @JulieHRubio reflects on the way Christianity calls us to think beyond our selves and families during this time.

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A turn towards #coronavirus and #gender ethics is taken in @em_bphd’s post “ #ShelterInPlace: Reimagining Gender, Work, and the Domestic Church”

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Matthew Gaudet from @SantaClaraUniv wrote “ #COVID19, #ShelterInPlace, and Just War Reasoning” which seeks to navigate the moral dilemma #coronavirus has caused by employing Just War Theory
Hoon Choi from @bellarmineU relates the way that society is handling #COVID to Christ’s Passion in her post “Lest We Forget: Awaiting Easter in the Midst of #COVID19 Crisis” by reflecting on marginalized populations during this #pandemic
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