'Virtuous cycles' between tech and political progress on clean energy - discussed in this timely new piece - is still a pretty vague idea.

So I tried to flesh it out a recent paper.
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I agree with @greenprofgreen that this article focuses too much on the tech side of the feedbacks.

But poli-sci policy-feedback research typically does the opposite -e.g. doesn't account for diffs between the technologies at the center of the process. https://twitter.com/greenprofgreen/status/1250138476391079947?s=20
This seems about right but... https://twitter.com/JesseJenkins/status/1250161101708328961?s=20
...'virtous cycles' can be mapped in more detail - e.g. the power that comes with industry-scale also reduces the political challenge (fig 1)
Inter-tech nuance is key:

Different tech has different potential to play into these cycles. It's not exactly "each innovation" that increases political will, and political shifts are often specific, tied to industry-specific government revenues or jobs.
What's different at scale?

Industrial scaling and cost competitiveness can have diverse political ramifications not possible at a smaller scale. Take @beyondcoal: Once wind & PV scaled, this helped the campaign push back the coal industry.
I introduce indicators of 'regime level' scale bcs different policy support is helpful at different stages.

& bcs indicators trace virtuous cycles through the key scaling phase. For wind/PV cost-reduction rates spiked as deployment spread from a few early leaders to China...
A similar story with li-ion EVs
A key problem for a #Greennewdeal and similar programs is the speed they require to resolve sociopolitical & tech friction.

In light of that, there is justification to...
...prioritize 'feedback friendly' tech - e.g popular, fast deploying/innovating PV - which can help build momentum in ways that unpopular and slow-moving nuclear cannot (without ignoring direct GHG implications!).
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