One thing I don't think I've ever seen spoken about in the autistic community is the way menstruation can mess with a person's routine. Quite often, I'll manage to get into at least a loose routine, only for my period to come along and ruin it. Anyone else?
Periods are crap in general, but for autistic folks there can also be associated sensory issues, routine disruption, and irregular emotions - potentially very difficult for those of us who are already hypersensitive, folks with alexithymia, etc. It is a Rough time.
I find it very frustrating constantly being in that cycle of managing to get into a bit of a routine only for it to fall apart amidst the sensory awfulness that is a period. It means I never get fully into a routine and have to claw my way back to the basics of it every month.
So: anyone else struggle with any aspect of the menstrual cycle (doesn't have to be period, though I suspect they'll be a common villain) because of things related to being autistic? Is there anything that helps you to feel better, maintain routine, etc?
And my sympathy goes out to all of you who have to work, raise kids, etc no matter what havoc your uterus is wreaking. I am glad I get to focus on myself during those times.
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