2) As an analyst, I am never shy in broadcasting where I was right. I also take all hits over where I have been wrong. There is a balance there. So, while I've said this countless times before, I must say it again. We are at war. We didn't chose this war. Our enemy has.
3) No enemy needs congressional approval or a declaration of war. It simply attacks us. Pearl Harbor was just an attack. There was no legal nicety involved. Japan attacked. End of story. So also now. China has attacked us. Stop dithering, or wondering. We're under attack.
4) If you need documentation, it's easy to find. The best I've found so far is this book. Please buy and read it.

5) But it is my own so-simple analysis I proffer once again. The Chinese first strike on America follows these four simple, even obvious steps:

1) Biological
2) Economic
3) Social
4) Military
6) I offered that analysis back in January. Forgive me for touting my own horn. I am a good analyst. But why is that? Because I'm so special, so smart? No! Rather, I simply follow logic. I follow it wherever it leads without preconditions. I analyze honestly.
7) I've said it over and over, and will continue to repeat myself. Trump killed China's economy. They were a pirate nation. Their only real basis of profit was theft. He stopped them from stealing. He killed the WTO, and destroyed the benefit of their Most Favored Nation status.
8) Reading Kissinger's On China, I recently learned that the use of Most Favored Nation trading status has been in the Chinese political/economic arsenal since roughly 1840. Trump knows this. Trump denuded them of this extraordinary power. Game over.
9) Reading Unrestricted Warfare, I see China's genius for asymmetric war. Imagine. China gets $3.7 million from the Obama administration for research into bat viruses being ported over to humans. Imagine. We paid the bill for this pandemic. We did.

10) Friends, I will soon complete my work on #FriendsAndEnemies. China is our enemy. Don't doubt it for one minute. And so also was Obama. He paid for this virus' research. Deal with it. Face our enemies, without and within. Be brave. Let go your denials.
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