What the f*? We asked our Instagram followers to rate 15 future predictions about life after COVID-19. Here are the results. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
93% of our Instagram followers think that #NewWork principles and remote working will be part of the new normal. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
3 out of 4 will keep doing virtual fitness sessions instead of going to a gym in the future. But only 19% think
that concerts, conferences and festivals will be digital-only. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
79% of our Instagram followers say, that they will have gained new skills due to being self isolated. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
Is the trend for raw and in-home content here to stay? 51% of our Instagram followers say yes, raw in-home shot content is here to stay. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
73% of our Instagram followers think job security is more important than a high salary in the future. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
67% of our Instagram followers think, that face masks will become a part of our everyday fashion soon. 82% are looking forward to see innovative smart masks startups in 2020 already. #WhatTheFuture #Covid19
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