AMAZING thread about the need for full #representation of activists from all continents, as explained by @vanessa_vash during our digital town hall ⤵️
"When talking about #ClimateChange, #African voices are marginalised. We need to ensure full representation of everyone. A person from #Germany cannot fully explain the impact of the #climate crisis in #Kenya or in #Zimbabwe." @vanessa_vash
"I have been to #Climate conferences. And there is an issue of imbalance when it comes to activists. I personally believe that every country has an activist who is fighting for a better future for everyone." @vanessa_vash
"Every #activist has a voice that needs to be listened to. I believe that every voice has a story to tell. I believe that every story has a solution to give. That is why it is important to have full #representation from every part of the world." @vanessa_vash
" #ClimateJustice cannot be #justice if it is not #global enough. #Climate justice can only be real if every issue is addressed, if every #activist is given platform. We all matter." @vanessa_vash
'We all have solutions to give. It's just that the #African continent has quite a number of issues of its own. There is power in listening to its voices." @vanessa_vash
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