Today is Tax Day in America. Did you know we spend $740 BILLION on the Pentagon budget? That's $80 million EVERY HOUR.

If we #DivestFromWar where would you #MoveTheMoneyTo??
We spend $740 billion on the Pentagon every year, yet the US claims it doesn't have enough money to pay for more healthcare workers during a global pandemic??

We need to #DivestFromWar and #MovetheMoneyTo healthcare NOW! #HealthcareNotWarfare 
💣1 Tomahawk Cruise Missile= $1.4 million

⚕️125 life-saving ventilators= $1.4 million

Our tax dollars should be spent on life-saving equipment, not missiles that cause death & destruction. We need to #DivestFromWar & #MovetheMoneyTo healthcare now!
The $740 BILLION Pentagon budget funds the death of people and our planet. In order to survive & thrive, we need to #DivestFromWar and #MovetheMoneyTo a #GreenNewDeal NOW! ☘️🌱🍀
There are over 550,000 Americans experiencing homelessness, yet the US spends $80 million PER DAY on the Pentagon.

Does that seem like the American dream to you?

We need to #DivestFromWar and #MovetheMoneyTo housing for all! #PeopleOverProfit
Rather than tackling the #ClimateCrisis, the US wastes $740 billion a year on the Pentagon. The more money we spend on weapons & war, the more our planet & ALL living things suffer. We need to #DivestFromWar & #MovetheMoneyTo a #GreenNewDeal! #WarIsNotGreen #PupsForPeace
As many of us desperately await our #StimulusCheck, just remember that mega corporations, including weapons manufacturers, are still getting a cushy $500 billion bailout.

We need to #DivestFromWar & #MovetheMoneyTo food and housing assistance for the people! #PeopleOverProfit
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