A thread about how yamac linked nehir To sena,how he fell for efsun,the struggle he was going through,the suffering the pain and the guilt he was holding in his heart,if you are interested To know then read carefully #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac met nehir first at the asylum,she was arrogant,she started throwing his books and equipments,she wanted To spend the night at his room,because she is used To it,the nurse asked Her To leave,but she came back at night,she shared the same bed with yamac #cukur #EfYam +++
Before yamac sleeps for few minutes,there was no mermaid draft on the wall,when he woke up,he found the draft,nehir was gone,that was a message from gokhan,nehir with Her craziness resembles a bit To sena,they are two different people But when yamac met sena for #cukur #EfYam ++
She didnt trust him just like nehir did,N told him you need To sleep with one eye open tonight,y said i dont sleep in all the cases,when he met sena for the first time he thought she is crazy,he felt the same when he met nehir,yasen music was played in the scene #cukur #EfYam ++
All those signs were put by gh To show us that N is a S shadow,yamac from the beginning saw Her as sena and thats why he saw Her in a dream that belonged To sena,efsun made him sleep,she brought him To His happiest moment,before he sees nehir he said are you alive #cukur #EfYam+
He thought he Will see sena but he saw nehir instead,what happened is that yamac was curious,he didnt understand the connection so he went To see nehir To talk about the dream,but nehir threatened him,she asked him To leave #EfYam #cukur +++
Going back To efsun and yamac,yamac saw efsun picture before he sees Her in real,he was gazing at Her picture for a while,first because he didnt know her,second because he felt something misterious about her #cukur #EfYam +++
In episode 2 yamac put E as his second target,he went To kill her,Her grandmother stab him,he was wounded,then efsun appeared,she touched him and felt a strange feeling,It was magnificient,she took a deep breath,put Her hand on y back for a while,then turned him #cukur #EfYam ++
She then took him To a hotel room,cured his wound,she saw y suffering,she asked him,why you did that,he answered so as To sleep,she touched his forehead with Her hands,y couldnt help but follow efsun hands moves,he was mesmerised,he couldnt believe what he felt #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac was moaning,he was saying "Bu ne" "Bu ne" whats this,whats this,efsun hands were like a magnet,yamac was following efsun hands and enjoying the feelings she gave him, in that moment,he felt piece after a long time,his pain vanished,efsun related him a story #cukur #EfYam ++
Y was listening carefully To the story,the story represented y and the deposit left by his father,which is cukur,the stone held by the boy is the pit,like the boy y Will not give up on cukur because his father asked him To do so,even if the pit becomes a burden++ #cukur #EfYam
After he got rid of youjal and azar,yamac killed temsah(He thought so),only one person was left,efsun,before he goes To kill her,he first contemplated Her picture,took it out from the board,set on the chair, kept on gazing at efsun picture,then burned it #EfYam #cukur +++
Once he saw Her picture for the second time he remembered the feelings he sensed when she touched him,for him burning Her picture is like killing the feelings he felt for her,he couldnt allow himself To Fall for her,she is the ennemy and he needs To kill her #cukur #EfYam +++
He then went To see her at the hotel,he was the first one To use the gun,but the first one To drop it,she was the second one taking out the gun but the last one To drop it,y was the first one going To take his revenge from her,and the first one To give up on it #cukur #EfYam +++
Fire and gun,two symbols of passionate love,first yamac burned efsun picture then he went To kill her,fire represents passion,while gun and death represent an intense and deep love that kills the person from inside and hurts the soul,they represent unfinite love ++ #cukur #efyam
Yamac said to efsun: that day I slept,what did you do To me,she answered,what did you see in your dream,he said how did you know i saw a dream,she answered i was observing you,there was a beautiful smile on your face,then tears came from your eyes+++
#cukur #EfYam
Yamac said a beautiful dream,then he related To efsun about sena aksin and alico,efsun was surprised he felt that she wasnt involved in youjal revenge plan,so he promised Her To bring proves about Her father death,he told Her wait for me i Will be back #cukur #EfYam ++
What happened later is that efsun grandmother felt that yamac represents an obstacle for her revenge plan so she decided To kill the possibility of him meeting E again,by preparing a trap for efsun,so as Efsun and yamac Will never have a chance To reconcile #cukur #EfYam
Now going back To yamac internal struggle,his conversation with cumali resumes the pain and suffering y was bearing in his heart,cumali asked him To go back To cukur,yamac said i couldnt protect my wife,my cousin and my father,this scene shows the feeling of guilt #cukur #EfYam +
Y was holding in his heart toward his father,cousin and his wife,its true that him killing his father was the worst thing To happen To him,but he used To protect sena more than anyone else,so he feels guilty because she died because of him #cukur #EfYam +++
We saw yamac suffering,while remembering sena again when vartulo in episode 4 talked about the mermaid story,yamac felt sad,he was listening To the story but feeling pain and guilt in the same time #cukur #EfYam +++
If we try To go deep into the mermaid story,It says that the mermaid fell in love with a man,she wanted To achieve that dream,she asked for legs so as she can pursue the man,but then she discovered that that guy wasnt interested in her,this story represents nehir #cukur #EfYam ++
Sena=mermaid=Nehir, nehir became sena shadow for yamac,since the first encounter,the mermaid draft,the yasen music all those signs confirm that she became sena,then vartulo related the mermaid story,nehir did like the mermaid,she because of a dream chased yamac #cukur #EfYam +++
In the same episode nehir followed yamac To know about the dream,she then invited him To dance because he was confused about coming back To the pit,they danced,she asked him,what have we done,he said we tried To not use our brains for a while #cukur #EfYam +++
N said there was a person like that in your life,she meant a crazy person,otherwise you Will not understand that,y said yes there was,then yasen music was played,nehir resembles To sena with Her craziness,that was the second time gokhan insists on N as S shadow #cukur #EfYam ++
In episode 6 y had a terrible headacke,he called E but she didnt answer,he went To visit youjal,then went To N room,she related him the tree story,she made a shadow with Her hand near the mermaid draft,she then said if you dont see her doesnt mean she doesnt exist #cukur #EfYam +
Here another reference To nehir as sena shadow,nehir gave yamac Her necklace,so as he comes back,he said how do you know we Will meet again,she said we will,then asked yamac To leave Her room #cukur #EfYam ++++
Nehir knew that she Will meet yamac again because she wanted like the mermaid To achieve that dream at any cost,she told him i Will relate you my story and she gave him the necklace so as he comes back,but he didnt #cukur #EfYam +++
She called yamac in episode 8,To tell him that she Will come To see him tomorrow night,he thought she wanted To talk about the necklace,Her story but she said its time To know about that dream,yamac tried To tell Her that he Will be busy but she hang up #cukur #EfYam ++++
Yamac reaction after she hang up the phone:what a crazy person
He knows that she is crazy And he said it in episode 4 as well,after she refused his help,when he proposed To give money for a taxi To go back home #cukur #EfYam ++++
In the end of episode 8 after yamac saved alico,nehir came To see him at alico place
Y:you are not real
N:yes im not
N:you created me all the things we did together you did them alone
Y:I knew
Yamac thought that nehir wasnt real,because the nurse told him
#cukur #EfYam ++
That he havent seen any girl coming out from his room,plus when they stopped dancing in episode 4,nehir disappeared for a while and he again thought she isnt real,he thought he created Her character To compensate on sena absence #cukur #efyam ++++
Episode 8
N:The first time i see you like that
Y:like what
Yamac wasnt happy Because nehir came To see him,he wanted To tell Her im busy dont come,but she hang up the phone,he was happy Because he found alico,finding alico made him Feel better
#cukur #EfYam ++++
Then nehir asked him about the dream,he talked about it in brief,nehir smiled,yamac as Well but he said just after that its a complete nonsense
Y:where are you going
N:you are a coward
N:since its stupid why you came after me
#cukur #EfYam +++
N:look To my eyes and say it again,but say the truth,was it really a nonsense
Y:not a single word
N:at least you are not a liar,she kisses him,but yamac didnt move,why?because its true that the dream isnt a nonsense but y dont want it with N,the dream means loss #cukur #EfYam ++
The dream means S:it means his unwillingness To protect his wife,guilt,pain,N called him a coward because he didnt accept the dream and didnt want To achieve it like her,but she didnt get that since y saw Her as a shadow of his wife she represents only suffering #cukur #EfYam ++
For him,thats why he didnt kiss Her back,because nehir is the symbol of suffering for yamac,yamac was a playboy before meeting sena,he used To hang out with women,but with N even when she insisted he didnt kiss Her back,because he sees S in Her,and S means pain
#cukur #EfYam +
What happened later is that yamac got drunk at emmi house,he tried To sleep,he closed his eyes for a while then saw sena and nehir,why?because gh again confirms that in yamac mind nehir is sena,he cant see her as nehir and sena means loss and pain
#cukur #EfYam +++
In episode 10 a big misunderstanding happened between efsun and yamac due To N necklace,efsun saved yamac from azar brothers,she put nehir necklace in his hand,he thought nehir saved him,he prepared a small surprise in her room,N thought that yamac is interested #cukur #EfYam ++
She visited him in cukur
Y: yes im listening
N:whats your issue brother,if you suffer from shizophrenia they would have mentionned it in your file
Y:What are you saying again
N:isnt you who put the tree in my room?The shadows,you are the only one To know about them
#cukur #EfYam
Y:yes i did
Y:What eeh
N:why you came again after me,there is no logical explanation for that,we kiss the man he doesnt look at our face,we leave then he prepares a small sweet surprise
Y:I wanted To Thank you
N:you thanked me for kissing you
#cukur #EfYam ++++
Yamac told nehir about the necklace,he said that he thought she saved him,she confirmed that it wasnt Her,then she asked him,is there any reason for me To stay
She before leaving told him,you are scared of many things but especially of me+++
#cukur #EfYam
Nehir didnt understand that she makes him remember his loss thats why he avoids her,thats why he didnt go To see her after episode 2,and 6,because whenever he talks To Her,he thinks of sena as i mentionned above #cukur #EfYam +++
Ya suffered from a terrible headacke after his discussion with alico his only rescue was efsun,he begged Her for help,he said i want To sleep even for one hour,efsun put him on Her lap,she caressed his hair and related him Her own story,y was fascinated by efsun #cukur #EfYam++
Yamac didnt take his eyes of efsun eyes and was holding Her hand,when she was relating the first story about shefa and the soldier yamac was awake,he was listening and smiling To efsun,he felt that the story represents him and efsun #cukur #EfYam +++
Before E talks about the soldier death,y closed his eyes,he slept,the rest of the story was about the future,that was done by purpose by gh so as y Will not be aware of what Will happen between him and E in the future,E confessed Her love for y for the first time++ #cukur #EfYam
She said the girl reaches Her happiest moment when she touches the guy,she couldnt take that man from her,even if Her soul burned
Y slept like a baby,he thanked efsun and asked her,Will you answer if i call you,here yamac was sure that efsun is his remedy #cukur #EfYam ++
But when he asked efsun why You do that,she told him To leave,yamac in that moment thought that efsun has mercy on him but she doesnt have feelings toward him,he thought that his feelings were unrequited,besides in episode 11 and 12 azar started attacking y #cukur #EfYam ++
Despite of him being aware that E is his ennemy y called Her in episode 6,but she didnt answer his call,he in episode 10 went To Her house and asked Her for help,why?because y since the beginning felt that efsun was used by youjal,deep down he felt Her innocence #cukur #EfYam++
But after she asked him To leave,yamac thought that efsun is still blaming him for her father death and that she didnt believe him,all that because of the trap done by Her grandmother,so y left and thought that the best decision is not To come back #cukur #EfYam ++
Y didnt accept that N calls him a coward so he decided To visit Her To listen to Her story,nehir story resembles To yamac story,she told him im cursed,all my loved ones died,i tried To die but i wasnt able To achieve death,y felt that his story reflected in N +++ #cukur #EfYam
He sympatised with her,because the necklace represents her suffering y wanted To share Her pain with Her since N lived almost his destiny,so he kissed Her from Her pain,besides he as i said always saw N as S,he wasnt able To hug or kiss Her,because she is pain #cukur #EfYam +
In this scene we got a flashback of E putting the necklace in y hand,efyam music was played,its not because E Will be the third part in the story,but because she was behind y kissing N from Her pain, besides efsun thought that They are in a relationship++ #cukur #EfYam
Which created another misunderstanding between efsun and y,E thought that yamac is using Her,so she decided To stay away from him and To pusue Her revenge,y thought that efsun still considers him as Her father killer and she doesnt share the same feelings with him #cukur #EfYam +
In episode 11 and 12 The situation between azar and yamac was tense,azar kidnapped cukur girls,kemal was killed by azar in the end of episode 12,then episode 13 a day after kemal death N came To see yamac,she told him there is two ways either you sit on the sofa #cukur #EfYam +
You cry,i caress your hair and say that it Will pass or,follow me
The first method made y remember efsun
Sofa+caressing his hair means efsun for yamac
He shaked his head for disapproval because he knows that N cant replace efsun,the feelings E gives him are unique+
#EfYam #cukur
What happened later is that N brought y To a nightclub,she made him drunk,she told him we Will see if this Will kill you,because she knew that with y its only the present moment,no commitments,no future,y said clearly that he prefered dying,and N accepted that #cukur #EfYam ++
After they went out from the nightclub N said you managed To stay alive,what Will happen worse,then y looked at her like if he imagined someone else,he closed one eye,opened it then closed his eyes,and kissed N,that was the first time y being able To kiss N why? #cukur #EfYam ++
Because as i said N is S for y she represents pain and guilt,he avoided Her and wasnt able To kiss Her sober,because he always considered Her as sena,when he got drunk he saw the women he desired that women is efsun,the pictures below explain everything #cukur #EfYam ++
If you pay attention To y face when he got closer To N in episode 10 and 13,his face expressions were the same, he was like not able To look at nehir face,his face shows his suffering,so how did y kiss and sleep with N,its Because he saw something beautiful,efsun #cukur #EfYam ++
In episode 14 y went To N,because he didnt have anywhere To go and he thought that she is trying To heal him with Her methods,sultan scolded y,she asked him To think about the fact that he isnt the same,N didnt listen To him,y thought she Will act like S #cukur #EfYam ++
Nehir said, Will your brother go out from the hospital if i caress your hair
Caressing his hair=efsun
Listening To His problems=sena
But nehir neither listened To His problems nor caressed his hair,so she is indeed neither sena nor efsun
#cukur #EfYam ++
Later on yamac knew that the second way of remedy is cartoons,he didnt have any attention To sleep with nehir but she invited him To do so, when she said
A person can do things she Will not regret,so yamac thought that sleeping with nehir is a part of the remedy #cukur #EfYam ++
They slept together and yamac again thought of efsun while sleeping with nehir,because nehir made it clear that she doesnt care if y closes his eyes while he is with her,so y lived a beautiful moment thinking of the women he wanted,efsuuuun #cukur #EfYam +++
Later on y wasnt able to sleep,from episodes 2 and 10 y knew that E is his healer,she is his rescue from the dark,but E asked him To leave and didnt want To explain the reason behind Her helping him,thats why Y tried N as an alternative but closed his eyes with her #cukur #EfYam
Nehir made yamac rethink his mother words
Sultan told him you threw your family and the pit in fire because you are not the old yamac
Nehir:if you dont sleep doesnt mean we Will not as Well
Yamac:yes you are right im not the old y my wounds cant be healed #cukur #EfYam +++
He said To N thanks To you i discovered something very important:
He realised that N cant be his healer,that she isnt the right person To make him Forget about efsun
That she doesnt make concessions unlike efsun who stayed awake the whole night so as he sleeps #cukur #EfYam +++
That his mother was right and that his wounds cant be healed so he felt guilty toward nehir because he used Her to think of efsun,he thanked Her for the time she spend with him,kissed Her on her forehead and left without thinking To come back
#cukur #EfYam +++
After leaving nehir house yamac wanted To make sure efsun isnt backing azar,he went To see her at Her house,while waiting for efsun he was contemplating the sofa
Sofa=efsun,peace,the real remedy
He tried To warn her because he cares about her,but E send him away #cukur #EfYam ++
Later on y recieved a call from meke confirming that E financed azar two times, before idris death and when A started controling the table guys,y was disappointed and shocked he deep down believed that E isnt involved and wanted Her To be innocent #cukur #EfYam ++
If efsun wasnt involved yamac was ready To Forget about their animosity because he was sure that she is the remedy for his wounds,unfortunately it wasnt the case so yamac decided To steal efsun gold in order To stop Her ++ #EfYam #cukur
E went To y To warn him about cagatay and To inform him that the gold didnt belong only To her,y acted like E in episode 14,he told Her are you trying To protect me,he send Her away,but deep down he was very happy Because he noticed Her fear for him #cukur #EfYam +++
Y wanted To take efsun out from Istanbul war,he stole the gold first made sure that she isnt involved anymore then,attacked the table guys,the issue is that efsun grandmother asked for cagatay help,besides the gold belonged To cagatay as well,so the war started #cukur #EfYam ++
The war included,Istanbul vs cukur and cagatay vs y,E was the reason behind that war,it started and will end with her
Cagatay said that y likes To obtain things that dont belong To him,here there was a spoiler about efsun,cagatay considered E as his belonging #cukur #EfYam ++
That was confirmed in episode 16,after cagatay first meeting with efsun,he said its unbelievable,how fast you grew up,then he asked efsun not To call him brother,because from the first sight he was mesmerised by her,the real love triangle saw the light of the day #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac After his meeting with cagatay,wanted To learn more about him,he met the afghan guy,who said clearly To y that he cant beat cagatay,so the only solution is To withdraw ,efsun from another side,didnt say the truth about yamac To cagatay so as To protect him #cukur #EfYam +
In the same episode efsun and nehir met,extracts from their dialogue
N:sometimes he doesnt come if you dont go To him
E:yours is that kind of guy
N:what has To happen,happen at least i dont regret the things i didnt do,i regret the things i did
#cukur #EfYam ++++
E:no im not that kind of person
Here gh wanted To show us the difference between N and E,E despite Her love for y she asked him To leave,he came To her,while N chased y because of the dream,she went after him even if she knew that he didnt want To achieve it #cukur #EfYam +++
E:if he doesnt come,i Will not bother
N:but some guys dont function that way
E:I think that yours is someone like that(means if you dont go after him he doesnt come on his own)
EfYam music was played just after nehir said yamac?
#cukur #EfYam +++
So why gh put efyam and not nehyam music,the answer is very simple,its because the love story is the efyam,they would have been together if the necklace misunderstanding didnt happen.
In N and E scene that came after, efsun asked nehir,Will his soul burn
#cukur #EfYam +++
If he loses you
N:I dont know if he loves me or he loves what he feels with me,because he always closes his eyes when he is with me(while sleeping with her),like if he thinks of another women
EfYam music was played again,why because yamac was thinking of efsun #cukur
#EfYam ++
If y was thinking of sena while being with N,gh would have put yasen music like he did in some N and y scenes,but putting efyam music means confirming that yamac desired To be with efsun but he slept with nehir and imagined efsun because he couldnt be with Her #cukur #EfYam +
Just after nehir and efsun scene came a wall,in which it was written cem Adrian title song,kum gibi,like sand ,and the Word umut,hope
Which means that despite the misunderstanding between the efyam,there is hope for their love story in the coming episodes
#cukur #EfYam ++
Lets go back To yamac inner struggle,after vartulo come back,y thought that his death is near because v said To y there is no forgivness,y believed that v Will not spare him,so he decided To do his last attack before death,he defied cagatay by burning his goods #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac wanted To die while fighting his ennemies,he didnt include his brothers in his war against cagatay because he knew that the outcomes Will be disastrous,so he chosed To challenge cagatay on his own,but he accepted mahsun help because he didnt care about him #cukur #EfYam +++
Vartulo learned about his father killer,he was devastated,he couldnt believe his eyes,he never imagined that yamac Will one day kill his father,he wanted To kill himself but medet came on the right time and stopped him #cukur #EfYam #varyam +++
Later vartulo visited khalil,he wanted To die,for him dying is better than living with the ugly truth of a son killing his father,later on he remembered y words"find him and end his pain",he understood that y wanted V To kill him,because v sticks To His promises #cukur #EfYam ++
Another scene showing y inner struggle was with selim in episode 17,when S told him what are You trying To do,y responded either they finish me or i finish them,i will not accept them killing more people i love
S:you didnt only save cukur you saved me and salih
#cukur #EfYam ++
yamac couldnt confess To selim,he never was able To speak about His father death,even at the asylum he confessed To the doctor about sena,aksin and alico,but he couldnt speak properly about His father,because his biggest scar was him killing his father #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac was about To stop his attacks against cagatay after his discussion with selim,but alico told him,losing is something,giving up is something else,yamac then decided To lose while fighting,he fell in cagatay trap,fortunately vartulo and mahsun saved him+++ #cukur #EfYam
Yamac confrontation with vartulo was a turning point in y life,v tried To make him confess that he killed his father,but y wasnt able To admit it,v had To take him through a journey so as he accepts that he did a bad thing But for a good reason #cukur #EfYam #varyam ++++
then came a scene in which v asked y about His dream,y said i dont have a dream now,my dream was To go on a world tour with my two daughters and sena,then he said that S asked me To leave but he didnt accept, Because of the pit,again we see y regret toward S #cukur #EfYam ++
In yamac dream he wanted first to have a girl,then a boy,then another girl,sena lost Her baby now nehir is pregnant,if N has a son,then perhaps the baby Will die after birth,so as Efsun as the story she related in episode 10,Will give yamac his first child,a girl #cukur #EfYam ++
Then came the scene that resumed yamac pain,his confession about His father death,yamac for the first time was able To admit that he killed his father with his own hands,it was like a burden that deprived him from sleep,that suffocated him #cukur #efyam #varyam ++++
Vartulo made him understand that he did something bad but for a good reason,yamac couldnt forgive himself and wanted To die so as To get rid of that burden,but vartulo made him realise that he was obliged To do it so as To save his family #cukur #EfYam #VarYam +++
vartulo asked about those who had a hand in idris death,y said,youjal,azar,temsah,efsun baykal daughter i dont know what she is doing exactly,she gave money To the table guys,here y didnt say the truth about E because he knew that she gave money before idris death #cukur #EfYam +
Vartulo asked y if he killed any of his ennemies if he didnt have mercy on their beloved ones like they didnt have mercy on sena,aksin and idris
Here vartulo wanted yamac To realise that he should stop blaming himself,that he should forgive himself #cukur #EfYam #varyam +++
The tv was on it represented yamac state of mind,he was feeling guilty,he blamed himself from the beginning for his beloved ones death,he couldnt forgive himself,he was suffering and bearing a huge burden because of his conscience #cukur #EfYam #varyam +++
After vartulo words, yamac understood that he should stop thinking that his ennemies are like him,that he should stop blaming himself for all what happened,that he should move on,or go back To cukur and get rid of his ennemies,means youjal,temsah and azar #cukur #efyam +++
The tv went off after vartulo discussion with yamac at the front desk,means the confusion is gone, y knew that he was wrong that he tortured himself for nothing,that he needs To move on and forgive himself,that he is still a good person despite all the atrocities #cukur #EfYam ++
V proposed two ways To y,he told him either you start a new life and stay dead for your family or you go back To cukur and be ready To dirty your hands,y said that he Will chose faruk as a new name,means he wanted To start a new life but To kill youjal first #cukur #efyam ++
In episode 20,yamac slept for the first time without efsun help,because he forgave himself,and after killing youjal,he felt relieved after a long time,yamac saw a dream,in which he was walking toward a lake,he was happy,then he turned and he frowned #cukur #efyam +++
Y decision was clear, after he woke up,he chosed To start a new life away from his family and Cukur with a new name,faruk,that name means a new beginning it doesnt mean revenge like some people are stating,if we link episode 19 and 20,it was clearly shown by gh #cukur #efyam +
That yamac had the possibility To start over,he left a note To vartulo in which he said that he Will leave,the dream is in reference To yamac first choice of leaving cukur and second choice of him going To efsun, confronting her and starting a new life with Her #cukur #efyam ++
Here before y goes To efsun,they tried To kill him for the second time,y as i said chosed faruk as a new name for his new life,so the guy told him are you y kocovali,y answered im not y im faruk,why?,Because y in that moment chosed To leave #cukur #efyam ++
Which means faruk name doesnt have anything To do with revenge,faruk means for yamac a life away from cukur,he said To vartulo i never visited iskandarun,means he thought of starting a new life there as faruk iskandar #cukur #efyam +++
Yamac got shot,the first person he thought of was efsun,why?because since episode2, and 10 he knew that she is his healer,the wall says when i catch flu,i go To emergency,and yamac when he gets shot goes To efsun,a confirmation from gokhan that efsun is remedy #cukur #efyam +++
When E opened the door she was very happy To see y alive,then y said im wounded,efyam music was played just after y saying that?because the name of the music is i cant heal,means y healer is E,she was the only person bringing him peace in his most difficult times #cukur #efyam +
There was another wall that appeared after y and E scene,which says,To whom you go when you are wounded,To the person you love or the person who loves you,y before going To E didnt know that she loves him,which means that wall confirms his love for her #cukur #EfYam +++
Then came the scene with The song from carmen play,love is a rebellious bird,that song was put To show that c Will be an obstacle in efyam story and To confirm c love for E,as per the song lyrics,if i love you watch it,which means thar E needs To be careful of C #cukur #efyam ++
Gh showed us another side from cagatay character,we knew that he is an arrogant and egocentric person but we didnt know his obsession with women,C has rituals,he likes To live like a king,a King can have harem, like cagatay who spend the night with three women #cukur #efyam ++
Later on came the scene in which yamac tried To confront E,y felt that efsun cares about him,since she brought him a doctor, made him Linden tea,changed his bandage,made sure he doesnt move so as his wound doesnt bleed,so he felt that efsun has feelings for him #cukur #efyam +
E escaped she didnt want To face y,then came another scene in which y insisted on having a clear discussion with E
Y:to hate me To the point To kill me and to love me To the point of not wanting my death
They confronted each other and y knew that E love for him
#efyam #cukur +
They knew that they harmed each other equally,then efsun wanted To caress yamac hair,but she remembred nehir pregnancy,she removed Her hand but yamac hold Her and brought her next to him #cukur #efyam +++
Then y asked E:what do you have in your hands?what do you have in your eyes,efsun means magic,isnt it?
Yamac asked about efsun hands and eyes,because he couldnt believe the effect that Her hands and eyes have on him,plus like Her name efsun means magic for him #cukur #efyam +++
The first time efsun touched yamac he was following Her hands moves,he couldnt remove his eyes of Her,the second time his headacke vanished thanks To Her eyes and hands,which means efsun charms him and Her hands and eyes are his weakness,they made him fall for her #cukur #efyam +
Y since the beginning fell for efsun but since he had an internal struggle,efsun was his ennemy,he believed that he doesnt deserve To live,he was blaming himself,he couldnt burry his past,he couldnt forgive himself,y chosed to hide his feelings and escaped E #cukur #efyam++
in this scene efsun kept Her eyes open so as To observe yamac,y for the first time kisses a women that way,why?because he from the beginning wanted To be with E,its like a dream that came true,the women he imagined with N was efsun,his heart was longing for her #cukur #efyam +++
Besides N meant while being with Her, means while sleeping with her, y closes always his eyes,not only when he kisses her,in the scene put as a flashback,N said i dont know if he loves me or he loves the feeling he gets when he is with me,which means,that feeling + #cukur #EfYam
Was a beautiful feeling,not a bad feeling full of guilt and pain,y saw already N as S,S means the past,means loss,means pain,he cant have a beautiful feeling with N While thinking of S,which means that feeling was an E one,efyam music played during the kiss+++ #cukur #EfYam
Yamac closed his eyes after kissing efsun with open eyes and contemplating Her,why ?Because he couldnt help but stare at Her eyes,that he adored since the first gaze,later on he closed his eyes and enjoyed the true feelings of love she shared with him #cukur #EfYam +++
There is another detail i want To share, before efsun turns To y,y smelled Her hair,he felt Her breathless,he felt Her heart pounding,he became more sure of Her love for him,he asked Her To turn To him and saw Her crying,then kissed Her while gazing at Her eyes #cukur #efyam ++
Later on y saw the news about cukur he wanted To leave on the spot,because cagatay ruined the pit reputation,and yamac was responsible for that,before efsun convinces him To wait,y told Her,now i know who Will cure me,y came To efsun knowing that she is his cure #cukur #efyam ++
Yamac sensed efsun fear,he couldnt refuse Her suggestion because she made it clear that she doesnt mind him returning To the pit, but she wants him To be careful and To stay alive,the most important thing is his life,because she knows his duties toward the pit #cukur #efyam ++
Then came the scene in which efsun again showed Her care and love toward y,with small but beautiful gestures,like fixing his hut,caressing his face,E doesnt mean only magic but sweet,beautiful,passionate love as well,then came the promise,we Will definitely meet #cukur #efyam ++
y promised efsun that he Will be back,im sure that when he thought he Will die,E eyes came to his mind,because he put his hand on his wound, that was confirmed in episode 22,when y said To efsun,your eyes,whenever i thought of them i was thinking how To come back #cukur #efyam
Then came cagatay and efsun scene,E did Her best in order not To show Her fear in front of C,however C suspected that there is something strange,he said To efsun you seemed worried and now you look relieved,what happened?Then he insisted on efsun To come with him #cukur #efyam ++
Efsun didnt want To leave Her house,but if she insisted on staying at Her home cagatay would have suspected that there is something she wants To hide,so she felt obliged To go with cagatay,so as To protect yamac #cukur #EfYam +++
After yamac left efsun house,he met his brothers,cumali and selim,cumali was very upset he started bitting yamac, they reconciled and hugged each other,then yamac started dancing,here we saw that y was happy Because he forgave himself and found a new start with E #cukur #EfYam +
A very deep scene from episode 21 is the one with selim And yamac,y said that he isnt good for cukur,because Whatever he does,he loses,he showed his regret about the people who died since he came back,but selim told him you Will live whats written in your destiny #cukur #EfYam +
Here selim said, you need To Thank god that you didnt kill your father,S killed his father After betraying his family and Cukur in season1,but he wanted To show To Y,that it was written in his destiny To do that so as To get a recognition from his father #cukur #EfYam ++
So as To be accepted,he felt proud of being idris son for the first time,as vartulo said in episode 19,sometimes you do bad things but for a good reason,and as alico said in episode 34 season 2,even the worst wars can generate good outcomes #cukur #EfYam +++
The lesson from this scene is that yamac lived whats written in his destiny,he killed his father,but To save his family,besides he wasnt the only one To kill his father,selim did that and his betrayal was worse than a bullet in the heart #cukur #EfYam ++++
Afterward came a scene in which alico told y about N,y didnt show any interest,he said she can wait,but A insisted,he said, she said its a life and death situation,a cukur guy confirmed that she came looking for y at his house,v said that perhaps she in danger #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac thought that she in danger because of him,the situation was chaotic in cukur,he believed that They knew she knows him,then they threatened her,v asked him about nehir,y answered that she is a friend,y was upset because he felt obliged To visit nehir #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac went To see nehir,she started blaming him because he didnt answer Her calls,y was calm,but nehir made him angry with Her behaviour,she said that she was left alone,she meant the pregnancy #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac didnt understand nehir behaviour because for him he didnt expect anything from her,they met at an asylum,both of them are mentally unstable,they hang out together Because nehir insisted, he didnt promise Her anything and she was aware of that #cukur #EfYam +++
Y made it clear that between them,there is no chance To build a healthy relationship,he was surprised To see that N wanted the opposite,because she didnt behave like that When they slept together,she admitted that it was Her own fault To think of something serious #cukur #EfYam +
Here y made it clear that he isnt a person who can have a serious relationship,why?,Because he has a lot of things going on,but here he didnt say the truth To N,he could have said there is a women i fell for but he didnt because he feels guilty toward nehir #cukur #EfYam ++
Here yamac didnt want To hurt nehir,he told Her that he changed,he isnt anymore a person ready for a serious relationship,nehir confirmed that she cant be a good wife as well,while he said that To nehir he in episode 22 said To efsun i want To stay but i need To go #cukur #EfYam+
Nehir confirmed that yamac never looked at Her face,she said it in episode 16 To efsun that Y closes his eyes when he is with her,as i said nehir is sena for yamac,she represents pain,thats why he couldnt look at Her face,besides he wasnt attracted To Her #cukur #EfYam +++
Here yamac made it clear that he cant be a father,he explained that he wanted that in the past,he meant his dream with sena,and if he was going To have a child then it shouldnt be that way, not with a women with whom he slept two times,and whom he doesnt love #cukur #EfYam ++
Besides y doesnt have the courage To have a child and be anxious all the time that something bad Will happen To him,because y lost many of his beloved ones,he lost his brother,his cousins,sister in law,his wife,aksin,his father,his friends he cant take such a risk #cukur #EfYam +
Nehir accepted To abort the baby,she didnt defend Her right of being a mother despite everything,she from the beginning wanted yamac and the baby,she wanted a family,thats why she chased yamac for a dream and thats why she accepted sleeping with him #cukur #efyam +++
Yamac was devastated,he thought that he Will start a new life and Forget about the past,but nehir made his wounds bleed again he remembered the dream he had with sena again,he felt sick and vomited,he then remembered his father #cukur #EfYam ++++
I brought you another detail,when yamac went out of nehir house he felt unwell,he remembered his dream with sena, then sena death music played in the background,here is the link To check it #cukur
#EfYam +++
Yamac dream came true,the situation in cukur got complicated and nehir announced Her pregnancy.
y lost the chance of starting from zero,because he was obliged To come back To cukur ,N got pregnant by mistake and ruined the possibility of a new start with E #cukur #EfYam ++
An important discussion between mahsun and yamac,made yamac rethink his decision of aborting the baby,mahsun told him you have your family,while i dont have anyone,y thought already of his father last words,he knew that he has a wish to fulfill #cukur #EfYam ++++
But mahsun words made him rethink the fact of losing his loved ones,he said i still cant get used of losing the people i love,i wasnt able To learn,but i Will,here we saw yamac starting To resemble idris,after sena death,y said To His father,that he fears To become #cukur #EfYam+
Like him,yamac always escaped the mafia work,he after killing a guy left his home and the pit because he refused his destiny To resemble To his father,Y after kemal death said,i thought that i got used but my soul burns each time in a different way #cukur #EfYam +++
He said in episode 27 season 2 To his father that people are scared of him,they respect him but they are scared,since idris is a man who can risk everything ,then y said,i started To Feel afraid of my actions,why?because im scared To resemble you #cukur #EfYam +++
The reason behind mentionning the above points is To show that y Will become like idris and that was confirmed by The hashtag his father son,used in episode 20, and to become a father used in episode 22,besides y conversation with emmi was about becoming a #cukur father #EfYam +
In the scene with mahsun y confirmed that he Will learn To be used To lose his loved ones like idris,thats why he stopped N of having an abortion,besides he said i gave my father a promise,he decided To keep the baby due To idris last wish #cukur #EfYam
in episode 22 came a scene between yamac and emmi,in which E explained To yamac that its time To become a real father for cukur people,y always considered them like his brothers,but E explained to y that They need a father To protect them and defend them #cukur #EfYam ++++
Emmi words influenced y decision about His situation with efsun,since emmi told him,its time To gather the family,means he needs not only To be cukur father,but he needs To replace idris at the house,he made him remember the meaning of the cukur tatto #cukur #EfYam ++++
Which says a roof on our heads,a pit under our feets,as long as we have a family inside it means there is no death for us in this life,which implies that the family is everything like idris used To say,y needs To think about family first and Forget about himself #cukur #EfYam +
Efsun called yamac,she told him that she is at cagatay house,he asked Her not To spy on cagatay and To go back home on the spot,yamac didnt like the idea that cagatay tried To protect efsun and kept Her at his house #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac entered his room To change his clothes,nehir insisted on having a discussion.
yamac asked N To keep the baby,he brought Her home ,because she is pregnant,he wanted To make sure that his son Will not live vartulo destiny #cukur #efyam +++
Here N asked y if he Will be able To love Her after two days,she made it clear that she wants y,the baby is a reason To have a family with y,y was very honest,he told Her this is my life,you accepted it,besides if you dont want the baby i Will respect your choice #cukur #EfYam +
Y gave N the choice To stay with his conditions or To leave and abort the baby,but nehir said we saw that dream together,dont Forget about that,then yamac looked at sena picture,why?because that dream belonged To sena,but N thinks that he saw it only with her #cukur #EfYam +++
Next,efsun thought she got rid of cagatay,because he told Her if you dont call,i Will not,means its up To you To take a step forward,cagatay wanted efsun To answer his attempts but she didnt,he was upset because she decided To leave his house #cukur #EfYam ++++
Yamac didnt present nehir as even a friend, he said To his mother when it comes To nehir,i didnt have another choice,because she is pregnant with my child,y could have presented N as his fiance but he didnt because he isnt intending To marry Her despite the baby #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac went To see efsun just after his discussion with sultan,he found E sleeping but he didnt want To wake Her up,he was admiring her,she before he comes told him that there are guards in front of the house,but yamac insisted,because he wanted To see efsun #cukur #EfYam ++++
Y doesnt want To live his father destiny,he made a women pregnant and needed To assume his responsiblity,his discussion with emmi influenced his decision,he had To think about the family first,so being with efsun was a wrong decision since she was his ennemy #cukur #EfYam ++
Y said there was a girl before you,E knew already about N pregnancy but she thought that Y was aware and that despite that he chosed To be with her,because she said in episode 20,what Will happen after all this,she meant N,but y made it clear that N isnt an obstacle #cukur #EfYam
So there was a misunderstanding,E thought that y was informed and chosed her,while yamac thought that she meant the fact of Her being his ennemy
E thought that he chosed N,so she said you are not obliged To explain,but y insisted and showed To E,that he wants her #cukur #EfYam +
Here y almost confessed his love to efsun,he talked about the effect Her eyes have on him,that whenever they came To his mind he wanted To come back,despite everything,that he wants To stay but his duty toward the pit and N obliges him To take the right decision #cukur #EfYam +
Then yamac wanted efsun To react,he wanted Her To show Her love for him,To show Her sadness,To express Her desire of being with him,To say that she understand his decision,but she didnt and thats why y got angry #cukur #EfYam +++
Y told E do you always act like this,do you attack when you suffer,efsun said,i dont attack and my soul doesnt burn
In episode 20 E attacked y by saying you tried To kill my grandmother,she wanted To stop the discussion but y confronted her,and they reconciled #cukur #EfYam +++
yamac said my soul is burning,like efsun picture he burned in episode 2,the love he holds in his heart is consuming him,he burned efsun picture, but its his soul which is burning indeed,that passionate love Will take hold of his senses #cukur #EfYam +++
Y got closer To E,he put his head on Her lap,he wanted Her To caress his hair,this scene shows how much yamac needs efsun,it shows the feelings he has for her,he came To tell Her that he Will not be back but still wanted Her To stop him,To ask him To stay #cukur #EfYam ++
Here clearly y confirms that he finds peace when efsun caresses his hair,when N asked him To that in episode 13,he shaked his head for disapproval,but when he is with efsun his only wish is Her caressing his hair while awake,because no women can do it like efsun #cukur #EfYam +++
Here y confirms that he feels he resembles To his father day after day,in season 1 when he learned about salih,he attacked his father,all the atrocities that happened in his life were because of his father mistakes,so he chosed To give up on his love for E #cukur #EfYam +++
Because he thought that its the right decision To be taken for the family sake and for him who is fighting so as not To become a copy paste of his father,however,he still wanted efsun To express Her thoughts,To say that she understands him,that she stands by him #cukur #EfYam ++
Y said as much as i want To be with you i cant do that neither To N nor To you,because he feels guilty and responsible toward nehir,and he cant put a pregnant women at his house and live his love with efsun in the same time,for him it Will be unfair for N and E #cukur #EfYam +
After y and E scene two walls were put,the first one says that everyone feels worried about His loved one,the second one,i turn every corner with a hope To see you,the first one explains the worries E and y have for each other,y didnt want efsun To suffer #cukur #EfYam ++
His decision was not only for his family and the baby sake but for E as well.
E didnt want To affect y decision,thats why she asked him To leave
Y said To E your eyes whenever i thought of them,i was thinking how To come back,means in every corner y saw E #cukur #EfYam ++
Y after leaving efsun house,didnt go home,he spend the night somewhere,i think at the rooftop like he did in episode 25,vartulo asked him, was yesterday night a hard one,y responded,dont ask,another proof that yamac couldnt bear staying away from efsun #cukur #EfYam +++
This scene many people didnt get it,because they didnt pay attention To y discussion with mahsun in episode 21 and his conversation with emi in episode 22,y now needs To take the right decisions for the family,he is the leader,and his duty is To protect his family #cukur #EfYam +
Emi told him you need To gather the family,means he needs To give akin a second chance,get damla out of prison and bring karaca back home,if idris was alive he was going To do the same,which means starting from episode 21 y accepted his fate of being a cukur father #cukur #EfYam+
E tried To move on,she was miserable,she drunk the whole night ,she was obliged To take a decision,either she let Her love for y break Her or To start over,she chosed the second option,called cagatay,the issue is that cagatay thought that she chosed him #cukur #EfYam ++
Efsun couldnt stop thinking of yamac,Her soul is connected To his heart,they were made To be together so how can she start from scratch,she couldnt bear cagatay,she wanted To change but couldnt,she was unable To eat,she hated herself when C kissed Her on Her neck #cukur #EfYam ++
Once she got in Her car,efsun removed the necklace offered by cagatay,this shows how much efsun cant stand him,but just To Forget yamac,she made a wrong decision,called cagatay and accepted To have dinner with him #cukur #EfYam +++
Efsun doesnt like To be spied or controlled by a man,especially if that man is cagatay,she was so furious for accepting cagatay offer for dinner so she send his guards away,efsun has a strong personnality,despite Her vulnerability she tries always To stand tall #cukur #EfYam +++
On the other hand y was feeling sad and miserable ,he wasnt able To smile or To eat properly,he was the first one To leave the dinner table, he wasnt able To present N To His family,he caressed N hair but left on the spot,because he was thinking of E #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac couldnt accept nehir,he was thinking of efsun,E didnt accept To open the door,so he broke it,that door is like the obstacles that seperate them,after it got broken,nothing Will stop them To be together #cukur #EfYam ++++
Then came the wall saying,everything is connected To everything,means efsun and yamac hearts are connected by love,no power can seperate them,besides they were supposed To be together from the beginning of the season so the events are linked #cukur #EfYam +++
Cagatay ruined y attempt of bringing money To cukur,he send damla To jail again,y went To emi he felt helpless,he followed emi advise but nothing went as expected,y felt that he cant defeat cagatay,emi said To y that he needs To learn To be patient like idris #cukur #EfYam ++
Emi said To y the thing that your father had and that you dont have is patience,means when you learn To be patient and to try many times without giving up,then you Will be a father for the pit,the wall that came after that scene confirmed that y is becoming idris #cukur #EfYam +
Yamac decided to stop the war between him and cagatay for cukur and his family sake,he knew that he needs To find an appropriate way To defeat him,but he wasnt aware that efsun Will be his hero and will help him To get rid of cagatay #cukur #EfYam +++
Cagatay didnt trust yamac,he kept on menacing selim and cumali,selim didnt accept To betray his family for the second time despite the fact that cagatay discovered that he is gay and threatened To expose him in front of his family #cukur #EfYam +++
Cagatay threatened cumali as well,he used damla To make him surrender,neither selim nor cumali shared the truth with yamac,y after cumali words decided To look for a better way To defeat cagatay,he wanted to finish him without including his brothers, #cukur #EfYam +++
Cagatay proved that he is a fierce ennemy,he treated y as a slave,told him that while he wanted To take Istanbul he lost cukur,besides he gave him a difficult mission,which is To kill an innocent journalist,that scene happened before Y sees cagatay at efsun house #cukur #EfYam ++
cagatay suspected the reason behind efsun sending the guards away,he told Her sometimes i see you weak,you say that you are safe when you are with me,but later it seems like you changed your mind,as i said before C misunderstood E he thought that she chosed him #cukur #EfYam ++
Efsun made it clear,that she doesnt like To be controlled,she isnt an object that belong To him,she doesnt like anyone To impose its authority on her,she doesnt like to be defended by anyone and she doesnt need anyone protection #cukur #EfYam +++
Cagatay is a dangerous guy,if he knew about E and y love he would have killed Y on the spot,plus he would have destroyed cukur and kocovali family,efsun knows how obsessed,arrogant and terrifying cagatay is thats why she was scared when makbule asked for his help #cukur #EfYam ++
Here cagatay showed how obsessed he is with efsun,he Will never accept another man falling in love with her,he is a posessive man he Fell for efsun since the first sight and Her being unreachable makes him more willing To conquer Her #cukur #EfYam +++
Efsun Will never accept C To harm her,she said, im not a booty of war,means im not the final prize of the war between you and y,as i said before the war between C and y doesnt include only Istanbul but E as well,because the war was declared due to E #cukur #EfYam +++
Then cagatay kissed efsun without Her consent,she didnt push him in order not To confirm his doubts about another man in Her life,but she felt disgusted and Her feeling was clearly showed and expressed in episode 25 in Her scene with yamac #cukur #EfYam +++
This scene was shown in episode 24,but it belonged To episode 23,in order To understand the events in a better way i Will talk about it since it came after C and efsun scene.
Here y was waiting for C To leave,he was angry and furious To see him at Efsun house #cukur #EfYam +++
Efsun sensed that cagatay Will harm y if he learns about His visits To Her house,she thought that the best solution is To leave,so as To protect y from C and in the same time To make things easier for y,because she knows that he wasnt able To stay away from her #cukur #EfYam ++++
Yamac heard efsun conversation,he knew that she is intending To leave,he said where are you planning To go,efsun responded that she needs To stay alone,she didnt talk about the real reason behind Her departure which is cagatay,but y showed his jealousy of cagatay #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac changed the subject from efsun departure To cagatay visits,he showed how jealous he is,he blamed efsun for cagatay visits,efsun responded are you joking do i invite him To come,means what are You saying mr yamac,are you serious? #cukur #EfYam ++++
Y here acted just like cagatay,he showed To efsun that he owns her,that no man can get closer To her,no man can visit her,especially if that man is cagatay,y showed how posessive he is when it comes To efsun,he doesnt want To share Her with anyone #cukur #EfYam +++
Here E made it clear To y that there is no difference between him and cagatay since both of them come without invitation,both of them are posessive and they consider her as their belonging,y tried To calm down,he said its not the same because you want me #cukur #EfYam +
But y was like asking E a question,he told Her dont you want?means he knows she has feelings for him,that she loves him,but he is still confused,because E doesnt let Her feelings control Her,she always tries To act strong in front of y and she hides Her feelings #cukur #EfYam ++
E said To y that there is no importance of what i want since you have someone waiting for you at home,y instead of leaving he put his coat on the kitchen counter,E always makes him remember his duty toward nehir and the baby,she thinks of Her more than him #cukur #EfYam ++++
N became an obstacle for E after y said that he doesnt want To become like his father,E thought in episode 20 that Y was aware of N pregnancy but he chosed her,but in episode 22,she knew that he didnt know and that he chosed To stay away because of his father past #cukur #EfYam +
But still the real obstacle is cagatay,because she knows that since y came back To Her, he doesnt want To be with nehir,still she wants to help y to stick to his decision but,she is more afraid of cagatay and that was proved in episode 25 in y and E scene #cukur #EfYam +++
E tried To explain To y that he cant defeat cagatay if he doesnt think in a wise way,she gave him tips about how To vanquish him,y insisted on her not interfering,he tried again To impose his authority by saying that he doesnt want To see C at Her house again #cukur #EfYam ++
Here y said C Will get out of our life,as i said y thinks that E belongs To him,Her heart,Her eyes,Her hands,everything of Her belongs only To him,despite the confusion in which he leaves since N announced Her pregnancy he couldnt help but consider E as his women #cukur #EfYam +
After efsun insisted on helping y,he got angry because he knows that C wants efsun,he said dont make me more mad,means Her meeting C,or getting closer To him drives him nuts,yamac jealousy is as intense as his love for efsun #cukur #EfYam +++
E is the woman y is looking for,she is
strong ,intelligent,beautiful,charming,she can support him in his bad times,she can stand by him,she is not only is healer but adviser in the same time,so its normal for y To be that jealous because he is scared To lose Her #cukur #EfYam ++
Efsun tried to convince y but he said despite those eyes no,Her eyes are his weakness but when it comes To Her security nothing can be more valuable,putting efsun in danger is the last thing yamac wants,his jealousy is due To His fear of risking Her life for him #cukur #EfYam ++
E came closer To y To tell him,can i help you for the last time?y looked at Her eyes,then at Her lips,he couldnt resist her,he kissed Her passionately,a kiss that holds fervent emotions,efsun became breathless,y kissed E like if he wanted that kiss To last forever #cukur #EfYam +
Even after the kiss y was still under the effect of the feelings he got,he was trying To Feel efsun breath,he closed his eyes,put his forehead on efsun forehead while his mouth was like longing for another kiss #cukur #EfYam +++
Once y opened his eyes he looked at efsun eyes,that shows how much he is in love with them.
Whenever y looks at efsun eyes he gets lost,she haunts him,she charms him,she owns him with Her eyes
#cukur #EfYam ++
Y promised E that he Will be back,he knows that he cant stay without her,he knows that despite everything all the roads bring him back To her,so there is no need To fight destiny,To resist the temptation of love,because love is like wind #cukur #EfYam ++
here N said i have never seen y that happy she was talking about His picture with sena ,she then said,like if he is another person,karaca responded that his state seems like that To her,she meant that she sees Her uncle a different person,means the old y is gone #cukur #EfYam ++
Y came home after almost a day,he left N at night went To E,kissed her,then went back To E again before he comes home,sultan made him rethink his behaviour with nehir,she said that nehir is locking herself in the room and that he needs To ask about Her #cukur #EfYam ++
She said try not To upset her,plus its not good for the baby,sultan words made y more friendly with N,thats why he talked with Her calmly and thats why he apologized,because first he knows that he decided To accept the baby which means he needs To bear N as Well #cukur #EfYam +
Second because he made N pregnant while his heart belongs To another women,he feels sorry of not being able To love Her and of not treating Her as he should,then he said i need time,and that he is confused,means he needs time To accept Her presence at his house #cukur #EfYam +
Y put N at his house,but he couldnt stay at home,he wasnt even able To smile with her,because at that moment he chosed To stay away from E,the decision wasnt easy for him,he was feeling sad and angry,he couldnt bear a life without efsun #cukur #EfYam +++
Once he went To efsun and they kissed,he felt better,his mood changed,he was more ready To talk To N,because he indeed sees himself responsible and he needs To assume his duty,besides his conversation with alico helped him To accept the fact of becoming a father #cukur #EfYam++
y admitted that he saw that dream as well,but he said im afraid,which is normal because he lost his first baby,and he is scared To lose the second baby as well,the dream he saw is the same one he had with S,so he is afraid that it Will have the same fate #cukur #EfYam +++
Y is afraid as Well of not being a good father,but alico told him,you cant know,when the baby comes then you Will know,N just like y wants a family but she is unsure about being a good mother,y tried To reassure Her,the whole conversation was about the baby #cukur #EfYam +++
So there is no fake hopes,no promises of love or for marriage,the dialogue shows that what links nehir and yamac is the baby and nothing else,yamac treating nehir as a friend is very normal because she is indeed the mother of his child #cukur #EfYam ++++
This scene was shown as a flashback in episode 24,it happened before efsun and y scene,here we see how yamac made his plan and how he included vartulo mahsun and murtaza in it,but efsun told him that he cant send murtaza To cagatay because he Will suspect him #cukur #EfYam +++
Efsun knew that Y didnt have any solution,so she decided To help him,she went To see cagatay,and in a very wise and intelligent way she made him think of murtaza as an option,besides E tried To know implicitly about cagatay intentions toward y #cukur #EfYam ++++
Cagatay called murtaza as suggested by efsun,yamac wasnt going To be able To include murtaza in the game if efsun didnt interfere,she risked Her life in order To help yamac because she couldnt handle seeing him incapable of ending cagatay #cukur #EfYam ++++
Here yamac learned that efsun recommended murtaza,he remembered Her words,he was angry but he didnt show it in front of murtaza,he had To stop cumali before he kills cagatay,he said you need to learn To listen,he meant not only cumali but efsun as well #cukur #EfYam ++++
Then came the wall saying,our brain burned while we were trying To solve yamac games,this wall talks about y plan To save the journalist,y misleaded cagatay,he showed that the journalist died while he was still alive,it doesnt have anything To do with revenge #cukur #EfYam +++
Some were saying that efsun didnt help yamac because murtaza didnt help in anything,if you go back To the dialogue between him and C you Will understand that M didnt say the truth,he knew that cagatay Will not trust him,vartulo message was a part of the plan #cukur #EfYam +++
Vartulo said in the message that cagatay shouldnt come because they are going To seize his goods,but they wanted him to do the opposite,since they knew that cagatay Will not accept his reputation To be ruined with his partners,as expected cagatay took the bait #cukur #EfYam ++++
Efsun was very happy To see that cagatay got finally arrested,she thought that y got involved with cagatay because of her,so she felt like obliged To help him in getting rid of C,efsun in the beginning wanted To take revenge but now she is doing the opposite #cukur #EfYam ++
She is helping yamac To fix things out.
Y was angry since he knew that E interfered To include murtaza,but he didnt come To see efsun because he wanted first to send cagatay To jail,the reason behind his visit was To blame efsun but to inform Her about C as Well #cukur #EfYam ++
Efsun was very happy To see y,she thought that the biggest obstacle is cagatay,and now that they got rid of him,they can breath freely
Y couldnt help but smile,E was glad To see that y listens To her,the last time she told him is there a back door and im not aware #cukur #EfYam +
Yamac felt that he frightens efsun when he enters Her house by surprise so he came this time from the door,he was angry but smiled when he saw efsun happy and smiling,he almost Forgot the reason for which he came #cukur #EfYam ++++
Here E showed To y that she is proud of him,that she supports him,that he is the only one capable of defeating C because he is crazy,he can think of unusual plans.
y was putting his hands around E waist,he removed them when he remembered the reason for his visit #cukur #EfYam +
Here efsun said To yamac you are not different than me,thats completly true,both E and y are very intelligent,they dont like limits,they hate To be controlled,they have strong characters,they can risk their lives for their loved ones,they fight for their families #cukur #EfYam +
efsun tried To act like if she wasnt aware of anything but she couldnt,because yamac knew that she is wasnt saying the truth
Yamac tried To show his autority on efsun for the second time,he didnt like Her not listening To him because she Will give hope To cagatay #cukur #EfYam ++
Even if efsun plan was a good one,yamac insisted on her not interfering,because he knows that cagatay wants her,besides he didnt want To risk Her life
Yamac thought that efsun used Her charm on cagatay,because he knows how difficult is it To not succumb To her #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac thought that efsun gave cagatay hope of being with him,he was so jealous that he couldnt control his says,he hurt efsun by suspecting her,thats why she escaped,but yamac insisted so she decided To be more frank with him #cukur #EfYam +++
Efsun didnt escape To have a discussion with yamac for the first time,she did the same,in episode 10,20 and 22,y always insists so as she speaks frankly but she keeps on escaping and that makes him nuts,he wasnt violent with E he held Her hand so as she explains #cukur #EfYam +
Then yamac explained the reason behind his anger.
Y cant handle thinking of efsun with another man,especially with cagatay,in episode 22 y said my soul is burning,thats true y soul is on fire because of jealousy,he doesnt want any man To touch or come closer To E #cukur #EfYam +
Yamac hurt efsun,she thought that he suspected her,when he said what have you done To convince him,so she attacked him by saying the truth,yamac couldnt even look at efsun when she showed him where cagatay tried To kiss her #cukur #EfYam ++++
Yamac face expressions show how jealous he is,how angry he gets when it comes To His efsun,because as i said before yamac thinks that efsun belongs only To him,no other man has the right To seduce or To touch Her #cukur #EfYam ++++
Once E talked about where he spends nights,y was speechless,because he felt guilty To spend night at his house.
the night after breaking Her door he didnt go home,the day after he spend the night at home because of his mother words,im sure he slept in another room #cukur #EfYam +
Efsun explained how she feels when she meets cagatay,she feels disgusted,she hates cagatay,but still she tried To handle him just for Yamac sake,because of Her love for him.
Yamac felt that he is wrong,that he hurt Her,that she is right,but he couldnt say a word #cukur #EfYam ++
When E asked y about the night in which he broke Her door,y smiled first because efsun showed Her jealousy for the first time,but in the same time he was disappointed,because he couldnt believe how E can think that he is trying To handle two women,he was hurt #cukur #EfYam ++
Y decided To leave,but he had hope that E Will stop him,she didnt,he was thinking To go back To explain To her,but he chosed not To,because he felt hurt and couldnt bear her suspecting his feelings for her,but still he didnt go home and slept on the rooftop #cukur #EfYam ++
There is a detail that i would like To share,y conversation with efsun in episode 25 showed that Y didnt spend the night in episode 22 with efsun,which means they only kissed,efsun perhaps asked y To leave,because the kiss came in a moment of weakness #cukur #EfYam ++
If we go back To y and E conversation in episode 24,y said dont you want,means he still have doubt about what E wants,if they had spend the night together in episode 22,y would have been sure that E wants only him,and that confirms that efyam didnt sleep together #cukur #EfYam +
Cagatay went To jail,he decieved his father,arik appeared as another obstacle for efyam love,arik loves horses,his scene was put after y and E scene,To show that there Will be a love triangle between,E Y and Arik,Arik love for horses is like his love for efsun #cukur #EfYam ++++
Gh got inspired by the book the death of king tsongor,while writing baykal and E story,E was shown as a girl who lived like a princess,B was shown as a powerful man with a big empire,both of his sons killed each other like tsongor sons,E resembles a bit To samilia #cukur #EfYam +
Sango kerim Will be arik while kouame is yamac,since efsun heart belongs To him,arik Will be efsun child friend,he was in love with her,its an unrequited love,cagatay before he leaves asked arik To take care of efsun,arik didnt ask who is E,means he knows Her #cukur #EfYam +++
Arik Will try To be overprotective over efsun,he Will try To keep y away from her,because first y is his ennemy,second he Will be his competitor for efsun love,third Because he thinks that Y doesnt deserve efsun,arik love for horses is posessive and obsessive #cukur #EfYam +++
Besides his love for her Will be unhealty,because he Will try To destroy anyone getting closer To her,his behaviour with his employee proves how far he Will go if someone hurts the thing or the person he loves,which means A Will be a fierce and unbeatable ennemy #cukur #EfYam ++
Still arik is different from cag,C cares for his reputation he never wanted To get his hands dirty by interfering directly in cukur,A Will do the opposite he Will try To finish his work with his own hands,he Will kill people from cukur,in order To show his power #cukur #EfYam ++
Arik was looking for an opportunity To win his father confidence,C told him that their father dont believe in a second chance,means arik Will do his best in order To destroy cukur,so as his father Will be proud of him #cukur #EfYam +++
Arik hates his father,on his phone he registered his number with his name instead of the Word father,that proves that he blames his father for chosing C and for not giving him the chance and the empire he dreamed of,his relationship with C is tense as well #cukur #EfYam ++
He called his brother with his name,means that arik was waiting for C To commit a mistake in order To take his place,he smiled while watching the news about C arrest,which shows that arik doesnt care about C,all he cares about is the erdenet empire #cukur #EfYam +++
Once he learned about his brother arrest,arik wanted To call his father,but he then changed his mind,because he didnt want To show his enthusiasm To His father,he said you need To wait,means he was waiting forward for his father call #cukur #EfYam ++
Which means that arik is looking for his father satisfaction,besides he wants To lead the erdenet empire,he thinks deep down that his brother doesnt deserve his father trust and that his father underestimated his potential,while he gave the reign To His brother #cukur #EfYam +++
cagatay asked arik To take care of efsun but as a brother,C said as a brother in purpose because he knows perhaps about His brother adventures with women,A is a handsome and attractive guy,C sees him as a competitor so he insisted on him being a brother for efsun #cukur #EfYam ++
Yamac and Arik resemble a bit To each other,both of them are powerful,crazy,intelligent,both of them Will do their best To protect their family reputation,both of them become crazy when it comes To their loved ones,the war between them Will be devastating #cukur #EfYam +++
The war between arik and yamac Will start because of Istanbul and cukur But it Will include efsun as well,A Will play an important role in efyam love development,y because of his fear of losing efsun Will be obliged To confess his love for her,E Will stand by y #cukur #efyam ++
Arik entered cukur alone without guards,he was confident that yamac Will not harm him,because he knew that Y follows rules,arik visited yamac in order To challenge him and to show that he is different from cagatay,he threatened yamac implicitly #cukur #EfYam +++
Yamac got rid of cagatay,he thought that he can breath after a long time,but C brother came,besides arik from his look and gaze indicates that he Will be a ruthless ennemy,the war between y and A Will generate many deaths,y Will be obliged To kill A because of E #cukur #efyam +
After Arik death,cengiz erdenet Will show up,then cagatay Will be back,because in the End of episode 25 a wall with cagatay draft said that i Will come back as a champion,means cagatay Will be back in season 4 and his comeback Will generate many problems for efyam #cukur #EfYam +
End of thread,waiting forward for new episodes #cukur #EfYam
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