class - today’s lesson is;

And that @realDonaldTrump is a terrible TRYANT
So @EsperDoD you hire an attorney YET or did Trumpy-bear promise you a pardon
Here read this before I lay down the newly released DOD-OIG report
“DoD improperly disclosed source selection.. proprietary Microsoft information to Amazon..DoD failed to properly redact names of DoD source selection team members in the source selection reports that were disclosed to Amazon and Microsoft”
To my triggered trolls and stalkers who have repeatedly said I was wrong about JEDI
Weird turns out nope
you know who was/is wrong?
-those that didn’t even KNOW abt the USDC-FC
-said Trump wouldn’t involve himself
All the harassment you subjected to
I now refer you to pages 94 et seq - those that said I was wrong about Mattis - when I asserted I have/had ZERO reason to believe he isn’t a patriot.
I always provide you docs
Moreover if I’m stating an opinion v fact I let you know
Shall we debate again?
I told you that Trump’s unconscionable political intervention because he wanted his revenge against Jeff Bezos & AWS.
That DOD would likely have to rebid the JEDI
That’s how FAR, sometimes TINA but always our laws work
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