“It’s A Secret Society, All We Ask is Trust”

The Black Boulé: America’s Weapon Against Marcus Garvey & Black Power
Before we get into this, I want to let you know that this thread is largely just a summation of Steve Cokely’s lecture. Link below.

If you don’t have 2 hours to watch, continue reading

(If you’re a black “Greek”, you especially need to watch & read this)
In 1904, Dr. Henry Minton along with 5 colleagues founded Sigma Pi Phi, the first Black American Secret Society, in Philadelphia.

Minton fashioned this Greek organization after Yale’s Skull & Bones Society.

The truth is, the org was actually Lorded over by the Skull & Bones.
The Boule itself isn’t “secret”, they celebrate their Founders Day every May 15th.

Every mainstream Black leader were/are members of the Boulé.

5,000+ Members, 112 Chapters.

They boast about helping the Black American community through generations of crisis and adversity.
However, The Black Boulé is just an offshoot of Freemasonic Brotherhoods.

They do as much “good”’as the Red Cross or any other “charitable” organization.

Bonus points for anyone who can find the hidden bar in that last sentence.

In short, it’s a front.
That “Talented Tenth” W.E.B Du Bois was talking about? Yeah, that’s the Boulé, of which he was also a founding member.

According to a Cokely “The Boulé was created to keep the Black Professional away from Marcus Garvey”

“Why would WEB do that?” You might ask.

Marcus Garvey (who deserves his own thread), was the Founder & President of the United Negro Improvement Association, or UNIA.

Garvey offered willing Black Americans the opportunity to go back to Africa to live as one Black Nation.

Black Elites like DuBois couldn’t have that.
If you’ve wondered why Black politicians in majority black cities never acted in their interests..

If you ever thought “why don’t [insert black elites] come together and just run then show?”’

This is your answer, they can’t. They’re bought and paid for.

They literally cannot.
Blackmail was/is the name of the game.

If any of these elite negroes EVER got a brain and exposed the truth, their ((White)) overlords would expose them.

You HAVE to engage in Homosexual activity and confess truths that can be used against you as initiation.

Excluding NOBODY!
During this same period, 9 other Black “Greek” Organizations would be founded.

Dubbed the “Divine 9”, these organizations would all have the same objective:

Control the Black Elite by keeping them separate and apart from their Communities’ true interests, Freedom.
The Black Elite & Their White Overlords.
Let me repeat for the Black Greeks in the back.

You niggas are apart of an organization whose MAIN objective was to divide & conquer your community.

IDGAF about none of them food drives when your “leaders” have sabotaged REAL Black American progress.

Now, let’s continue...
Garvey saw the way rich (bank) families built massive wealth and created industries from raw African resources.

He was extremely popular among everyday Black Americans. At his peak, Garvey’s UNIA was over 2 MILLION members deep.

This had W.E.B and the Elites UP..SET!
So what did the Black Elite do in retaliation?


They sabotaged his Black Star Line ship business, slandered his name, and eventually got Garvey deported back to Jamaica.

The “Garvey Must Go” Campaign was a success.
Whenever you hear Black leaders like Malcolm X speak on the “bourgeoise”, this is who they’re referring to.

A bunch of shined up negroes who chose themselves over their people’s advancement.

There IS a way to be Elite and not be a sell out, they just chose not to.
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