Bearableguy123 throws another cryptic clue.
Timing - was a few days b4 the historic anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic- officially 4/15/1912.
Symbolism> Roths orchestrated the sinking of Titanic to gain control of the US Monetary System
2. Trump has now seized control of the FED, by way of restructure under the Treasury = GAME OVER for Rothschild
[now stuck on his island/iceberg] > Trump has the gold [=makes the rules now] & has control of the monetary system. The spanner has been dropped (out of ideas)
3. as all the road blocks have now been removed by POTUS
[ the Roths roadblocks= Mueller investigation/fake Russia collusion + Impeachment Hoax + Pandemic FF]
= you are watching the systematic destruction of the 'OLD GUARD'
5. 321yugelbaraeb

24=X?? 🤔
3 books (black) in the water at the front and 3 books at the rear (transparent)
Water represents information
Not sure why 3, but the books represent
DECLASS = new information or new history to be written
vs old history/false information which is now going to be erased fm histry
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