This is **really** rough math but the Government authorized 2 trillion (200,000,000,000,000) for the one time stimulus payments. There are about 328,239,523 people in the U.S. not all of them are receiving payments. That number multiplied by 1,200 is 392,886,227,600.
That leaves 199,606,113,772,400. Where is that money going? (Again this is really rough math I'm not smart but that's a lot of money) 2 trillion divided by the population of the U.S. is 609,311.14 that is how much each member of the U.S. would get if this stimulus was divided
Up evenly. I understand however that there are people getting more than others so let's do that math from the high end of this ordeal. 2,000(the highest payment I've seen) goes into 2 trillion one hundred thousand times. So even if every single person received 2,000
***correction**** 2,000 goes into 2 trillion 2 billion times. Idk if that's right but I used a calculator and that's what it says. ****
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