In the midst of a pandemic, overcrowding and lack of hygiene are threats to life for everyone.

How Mears Group and the Home Office are putting asylum tenants' and residents' lives in danger.

As one resident said looking at this rubbish left on 12 April near the front entrance of Urban House “If they can’t manage rubbish, no wonder they can’t manage Urban House”
Urban House is an Initial Accommodation Centre in Wakefield
Despite a Home Office inspection of Urban House last week little has improved. Unrelated residents are still being forced to share small bedrooms.
Self-isolation is impossible.
Of the 180 people registered to be at Urban House, around a third have left to escape possible infection. They stay with friends or just sleep in the park. They are afraid and have received no translated health information about coronavirus from Mears.
On April 6 Mears said they would "ensure adequate
supplies of PPE are available to all users of the building” (Urban House). A week later, only staff had access to PPE
Urban House IAC should be shut down and residents provided with asylum housing which has room for self-isolation.
Or provided with emergency hotel accommodation if this is not possible..
We have long documented vermin-infected, dirty and overcrowded Mears asylum housing in Yorkshire and the north east.
Now it's potentially lethal for asylum tenants and everyone else.
Last week a woman moved to a Mears house in Bradford described it as 'overrun with mice'. She sent us this video to prove her point - Mears have accused asylum tenants of making up stories about their housing conditions.
None of the many asylum tenants in Mears housing we have spoken to (as of April 13) had received any such information - in any language.
Nor have the residents of Urban House received the health information which Mears promised to provide in a statement on April 6.
Mears were given £1.15 billion of public money to operate the asylum contract in Yorkshire/north-east (and Scotland and northern Ireland). They have failed and that failure now puts peoples' lives in danger.

Who are Mears?
Asylum tenants need your support now.
You can
*Email John Taylor Chief operating officer of Mears
[email protected] (keep it polite but direct)
*Contact your MP (  to increase pressure on Mears to provide housing with dignity and safety
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