1/ This⤵️⤵️ May be the most significant thing that’s been said during this “silent war.”

Read and re-read.

And think about what’s REALLY going on.... https://twitter.com/brandonbeckham_/status/1249723629073395712
2/ The puzzle pieces are coming together...

@ivanka told us March 23 (Now comes the Pain 23) we have woken up to this "BRAVE NEW WORLD".
3/ Brave New World, by Huxley, a 1931 dystopian novel of a totalitarian, surveillance police state, with not even basic freedom for its citizens.

We entered into a similar state. Governors have curtailing basic Constitutional freedoms. We are confined. Surveilled.
4/ This time we're in, to "Slow the Spread" =an educational process

Normies are AWAKENING to a TASTE of what LIFE WOULD BE LIKE under Democrat rule.

we were 8 years in, to their pernicious 16 year plan to Destroy America

No Church
No 2A
Cannot even buy SEEDS in Michigan...
5/ But it will END. THANKFULLY.

And at the other side, we will AWAKEN, think GREAT AWAKENING???

a BEAUTIFUL Brave. New. World.

NOT the dystopian vision of Huxley's horror novel.
6/ In the meantime? In this 15 Days to Slow the Spread, + another 30 Days?

for 45 Days total? (yea, 45)

7/ THIS is what Our brilliant Stable Genius has been doing, the 45 days now, AND more importantly, for the PAST 3 AND A HALF YEARS!

Trump's been gearing up for THIS TIME during his entire Presidency. Nay, he's had these gears churning since AT LEAST 2015 in developing THE PLAN
8/ you doubt me?
Ok. But don't doubt Trump.

THIS may be the most important this I've EVER heard him say...

9/ just WHAT has Trump been "NOTICING" since 2015?

Our Country.
All of it

LOOK at the rallies, 2015, 2016
then continuing post election into 2017,2018, 2019, and the last one?

Mar 3, 2020 in Charlotte.
10/ a BUILDER completes a SURVEY before starting any project.

(You know where I'm going with this)

TRUMP IS the ULTIMATE BUILDER of our Nation's re-birth.

He spent YEARS, visiting SCORES of towns and cities all across this land...

SURVEYING. https://gph.is/1kwf1l5 
11/ He met with local businesspeople, with local politicians, and most importantly, with WE THE PEOPLE, all across America. for 3 and a half years.


If we were FREED from the Cabal's control.
12/ Now... RE-READ Peter Navarro's short speech I started with...

We are engaged in ...


Let that sink in.
13/ Full Disclosure: I'm a CPA, rose from lower to upper middle class in the Reagan 80s.

I audited manufacturing companies, as they moved factories to Mexico then China.

I saw just how jobs were lost...blue collar white collar mid-mgmt... I saw factory works sold for scrap...
14/ I listened intently, to Trump spending a LOT OF TIME yesterday, listing ALL THE US COMPANIES AND HEADS he's working with and consulting, to?

Top to Bottom.

This is just a smattering...
15/ Q said it best:

Scope and Size = Far greater than you can imagine.
16/ It needed to START with reducing China's stranglehold on every aspect of our economy.

China Made EVERYTHING. We were told that would be 'good', and that transitioning to a "service economy" would be far better than "Made in America"

They LIED to us.
They SOLD us out.
17/ But Trump couldn't just STOP the "Made in China" cartel these traitorous leaders established to enslave us

The American People needed to WAKE UP and SEE the literal and metaphorical "virus" that China's hold on us was/is.

CoronaVirus has amazingly, accomplished just that
18/ I'm in AWE of how this crisis was anticipated by POTUS, and the Economic Infra-structural Groundwork has already been laid for what IMO WILL BE a truly BIBLICAL, epic comeback of our Economy...


STEEL plants.

Beautiful. American. Steel. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/427214-trump-tariffs-have-saved-steel-industry
19/ Now in context of all the above?

THINK what can be done under auspices of the Defense Production Act, to usher in a REBIRTH of our Economy?

Alison 'gets it'.

Thanks, Patriot!
21/ But behind the scenes?

In areas of critical National Security? as in building the WALL, border security, medical supplies?
We have more than we know.
POTUS is protecting America. https://www.qmap.pub/read/1111 
22/ What can We Patriots do?

We can FIGHT!

and part of that FIGHT is to SUPPORT MADE IN THE USA!
Buy American.
Buy Local.

Discipline ourselves.

@CornetteDave gets it!
23/ here's a practical first step...


Buy items starting in 1 and 0. https://twitter.com/Bruno062418/status/1250436644743733251
24/ and another BIG STEP!

Keep calling out #fakenews, and so-called "Reporters" that are bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party. https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1250078308806602753


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