New from PM Trudeau today:

- Topping up pay of essential workers
- Expanding CERB to reach people getting some income, seasonal workers, those who've run out of EI

Details to come...

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Tomorrow, PM will speak with provinces/territories to boost wages for those making under $2500/mo.

If you earn up to $1000/mo, you can still apply for CERB.
"Many people aren't getting the hours they used to," PM says.

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If you've run out of EI since Jan 1 you can now get CERB.

Seasonal workers also eligible.

"Even if you're still working.. you probably need help in making ends meet," PM says.

Post-sec students, businesses worried about rent - more to say "very soon."

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This week, feds launching a mental health portal where you can go to find support.

#NewBrunswick's @LuminUltra, which signed agreement with feds, has ramped up production to now meet demands for testing kits across ALL provinces.

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"If this is to end, we need to stay home. We need to travel as little as possible." We need to keep distance between us and people who don't live with us, PM says.

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"It will be weeks more before we can seriously consider loosening the restrictions. It would be terrible if we were to release restrictions too early and find out suddenly we're in a big wave of #COVID19.. & everything up until now would've been for nothing" - PM

"If we hold on for this period, now for as long as we have to, we will release things. As impatient as people are getting we need to continue to hold on," PM says.

"We're going to be extremely careful" on re-opening the economy. "It's not happening yet."

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