They argue that:
1. Agnipariksha was never happened
2. No description of चरित्र-शंका in Mahabharat
3. Ramayan was interpolated and spread false propaganda on scriptures & give adulterated evidences.
4. Maya Sita is just an imagination.

This thread exposes all lie!

There is a clear description of the Rama's doubts about Sita and the purification statement of Sita by Vayu, Agni etc. Devtas and Brahma ji - in रामोपाख्यान of MB

This thread exposes their lie.

Above thread proves that this isn’t an interpolation and mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.

Now, this thread explains why there is such a sudden twist in the end of YuddhaKanda.

“There was no Maya Sita”. This argument is wrong. Maya Sita is mentioned & supported by Shastra.

👉Kidnapping of Chhaya (छाया) Sita by Ravan and
👉Disappearance of Real Sita in Fire

Must Read THIS!

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