Thread against the argument “Maya Sita is just an imagination of Tulsidas ji Maharaj”

Maya Sita description is mentioned in Ananda Ramayan, Adhayatma Ramayan, Tamil Ramayan, Balramdas Ramayan, Tatva Sangrah Ramayan, Kurma Puran, Devibhagwat, PrasannRaghav, Brahmavaivarta

Maya Sita is supported by many Shastra and oldest evidence of its availability is in "Adhyatma Ramayana" and many other sources.

Kidnapping of Chhaya (छाया) Sita by Ravan.

Disappearance of Real Sita in Fire

Right-Wing Communists who comment on Shastra without any knowledge of Sanskrit, traditional Parampara, Gurukul and Dharma.... must read this

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