3) Japan has already had to postpone the Olympics.

4) Der Fuhrerette in Germany has been quiet about the damage done to the leading Euro economy . . . but it must be severe.
5) Only a few spots that refused to shut down---Brazil, Sweden--and those like Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan that went on with ordinary business have been mostly untouched.

6) There is a rumor, and I repeat, only a rumor, that almost all of the Saudi royal family is infected.
7) Is it possible that Xi managed to do what neither Stalin, nor Khrushchev, nor Gorby, nor Mao could do: cripple capitalism?

8) Trump knows this. Moreover, I think he probably more than anyone else in American politics realizes that the first major power to open wins.
9) The US has massive advantages that none of our competitors have in terms of geography, productive infrastructure, and energy.

10) Last week, Trump stabilized the oil industry with one phone call.
11) It is too bad Steve Bannon is not with Trump right now, as I think he more than anyone sees the strategic and military game the Chicoms are playing.

12) It is essential that Trump play this not just as "reopening America," but as reopening world capitalism.
13) We are at a point like that of 1946-1947 where the tattered free economies may begin to produce calls for ultra-socialist and commie responses.

14) Just as Xi planned.
15) WHEN we come out of this (not if) there must be a dedicated strategy to take down the Chicoms once and for all, the way Reagan conceived a plan to take out the Soviets.
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